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Last updated: 21 Oct 2021

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The BA English students have ample job opportunities. The demand for BA English students is increasing day by day. The last decade saw a steep increase in the demand for BA English students.

The present article tries to explore some of the important job roles available after BA English course.


As a Teacher one is responsible to teach a subject thoroughly to the students and according to the prescribed syllabus. They are required to teach in such a way that by engaging them and preparing them for the future.

Role of a Teacher

As a Teacher one is responsible to support, observe and record the progress of students. They are responsible to plan lessons in line with the syllabus with an aim of ensuring a healthy culture of learning.

Responsibilities of an Teacher

As an Teacher one is needed to:

  • Prepare and deliver lessons to a range of classes according to the prescribed syllabus
  • Mark work, give appropriate feedback and maintain records of students, progress and development
  • Research new topic areas, maintaining up-to-date subject knowledge and devise and write new curriculum materials
  • Select and use a range of different learning resources and equipment, including podcasts and interactive whiteboards
  • Prepare the students for qualifications and external examinations
  • Manage student’s behaviour in the classroom and on school premises and apply appropriate and effective measures in cases of misbehaviour
  • Undertake pastoral duties, such as taking on the role of form tutor and supporting students on an individual basis through academic or personal difficulties
  • Communicate with parents about the students’ progress and participate in departmental meetings, parents' meetings and training events
  • Coordinate with other professionals, such as learning mentors, careers advisers, educational psychologists and education welfare officers
  • Supervise and support the work of teaching assistants, trainee teachers and newly qualified teachers
  • Participate in and organise extracurricular activities, such as outings, social activities and sporting events for students
  • Undergo regular observations and participate in regular in-service training as part of continuing professional development

Salary and Emoluments

  • As a Teacher, the fresh BA English students will be earning around 3 lakhs to 6 lakhs per annum
  • The senior and experienced professionals will be earning around 6 lakhs to 8 lakhs per annum


The Lexicographers are required to have a fascination for words and how their meanings develop and change over time. As a lexicographer one is involved in writing, compiling and editing dictionaries for print and online publication

Role of a Lexicographer

As a lexicographer, one is responsible to search specialist databases comprising thousands of pieces of language from a range of sources, including literature, newspapers, online journals, blogs, discussion groups and transcripts of television and radio for evidence of meanings and usages of a word or phrase.

Responsibilities of a Lexicographer

As a Lexicographer one is responsible to:

  • Research and identify new words that are in common usage for inclusion in the dictionary
  • Create new entries using accurate and succinct definitions
  • Accurately represent the various meanings of new and existing words
  • Assess meaning of a word is the primary (most used) meaning and which meanings are secondary or less commonly used
  • Review and edit existing definitions
  • Check and proofread the entries
  • Make sure that the style and format of words is in strict accordance with previously agreed protocols
  • Translate words and expressions in both directions in various languages

Salary and Emoluments

  • As a lexicographer, the fresh BA English students will be earning around 4 lakhs to 6 lakhs per annum
  • The senior and experienced professionals will be earning around 6 lakhs to 8 lakhs per annum

Press Sub Editor

As a Press Sub-Editor, one is expected to have an excellent eye for detail. As a press sub-editor, one is responsible to have an ability to coordinate with journalists and other editors and they should also possess creativity to write compelling headlines.

Role of the Press Sub-Editor

The Press Sub-Editors are required to check, edit the articles before they are published in newspapers and magazines. They are also responsible for ensuring the correct, grammar, spelling, house style and tone of the published work.

Responsibilities of the Press Sub Editor

As a press sub-editor, one is needed to:

  • Editing copy, written by reporters or features, writers to remove spelling mistakes and grammatical errors
  • Rewriting material so that it flows or reads better and adheres to the house style of a particular publication
  • Ensuring that a story fits a particular word count by cutting or expanding material as necessary
  • Writing headlines that captures the essence of the story or are clever or amusing
  • Coordinating with reporters, journalists and editors
  • Checking facts and stories to ensure they are actually accurate and adhere to the copyright laws
  • Cropping photos and deciding where to use them for best effect and writing proofing symbols
  • Working to a page plan to ensure that the right stories appear in the correct place on page
  • Laying out pages and depending, on the nature at the role, playing a part in page design
  • Manipulating on screen copy using appropriate desktop publishing softwares
  • Keeping up to date with sector issues
  • Adapting all these skills for a publication website

Salary and Emoluments

  • As a Press Sub Editor, the fresh BA English students will be earning around 3 lakhs to 6 lakhs per annum
  • The senior and experienced professionals will be earning around 6 lakhs to 8 lakhs per annum

Talent Agent

Talent agents are responsible to apply expert communication and negotiation skills to represent and source work for talented people in the entertainment industry.

Role of a Talent Agent

As a talent agent one is responsible to secure work and fair contracts and conditions for people in the entertainment industries.

Responsibilities of a Talent Agent

As a talent agent one is responsible to:

  • Build and maintain a strong network of industry contacts
  • Possess an in-depth and up-to date knowledge in industry area
  • Be confident in negotiating terms and pay for the clients
  • Mentor and advice talent on personal and professional decision that impact their career
  • Keep back client and their activities
  • Be comfortable working in a competitive and sometimes pressured environment
  • Thrive on working with a diverse range of people
  • Use the judgements to decide which talent to take on
  • Be happy reading long scripts manuscripts or contracts on a frequent basis

Salary and Emoluments

  • As a Talent Agent, the fresh BA English students will be earning around 3 lakhs to 5 lakhs per annum
  • The senior and experienced professionals will be earning around 5 lakhs to 7 lakhs per annum

Final Lines

The demand for BA English students has been increasing day by day. With growing importance towards language, the demand for skilled language professionals has increased in the last decade. The BA English students are also paid well and also given excellent career growth opportunities.

The students with passion towards English language can join the BA English course and earn a decent living.

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