Beyond Litigation: Exploring Exciting Career Avenues in Law

Are you passionate about pursuing a career in law but feeling uncertain about the employability and earning potential of law graduates? Don't lose hope just yet! Let me enlighten you about the galaxy of opportunities that a law degree can unlock, extending beyond the traditional path of litigation. In this blog, we'll explore the diverse career prospects that await law graduates, showcasing the exciting possibilities and potential for growth in the legal field. So, get ready to embark on a journey that will broaden your horizons and open doors to a world of fulfilling and lucrative career options in law. Here are some insights;

Last updated: 04 Apr 2024

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Unleash Your Writing Talents

The legal education sector is currently experiencing explosive growth, marked by the emergence of numerous law colleges and a wide array of new courses. Alongside this growth, there arises a parallel need for skilled writers and editors in the realm of legal publications. Esteemed publishing houses that specialise in law, such as Lexis Nexis, SCC, AIR, Manupatra, Eastern Book Company, and Allahabad Law Agency, among others, are actively on the lookout for talented individuals to fill this void.

Unfortunately, the recent passing of renowned authors and legal stalwarts like Avatar Singh, MP Jain, and DD Basu has further exacerbated the shortage of skilled writers in the legal publishing industry.

Prof. Dr. Avatar Singh, a luminary in academic writing (Law), passed away recently (Image Credit: SCC Online)

If you have a knack for crafting compelling narratives, an eye for detail, and a deep understanding of legal concepts, the world of legal publishing eagerly awaits your talents. This niche field allows you to combine your love for law with your writing prowess, making a significant impact on legal literature. So, seize this moment to channel your skills towards a rewarding and fulfilling career in legal writing, where you can contribute to the knowledge and development of the legal community while enjoying the satisfaction of seeing your work in print.

Thriving Legal Journalism

In the ever-evolving landscape of today, the intersection of law and the power of words has given rise to a flourishing sector: legal journalism. This field is experiencing an unprecedented surge in demand, making it an exciting career path for individuals with a knack for articulating and reporting news with a technical flair. The media industry is actively seeking competent professionals who can navigate the intricate world of law and present it to the masses in a compelling manner.

Furthermore, the advent of digital legal journalism has injected a spontaneous edge into the field, transforming it into a dynamic and fast-paced domain. Leading platforms like Live Law, Bar & Bench, and India Legal Live have emerged as powerhouses in the realm of digital legal journalism, constantly on the lookout for law graduates to join their ranks. Alongside the thrill of breaking news stories, these platforms entice aspiring legal journalists with attractive remuneration packages, making it an enticing career option.

Lucrative Teaching Careers

In recent years, the legal education sector has experienced a remarkable surge in the number of law colleges and courses being offered. A prime example of this can be seen in Kerala, where the count of law colleges has skyrocketed from a mere 8 to an impressive 33, including the establishment of legal education centres. This unprecedented growth has created a world of opportunities for individuals holding qualifications such as JD/LL.B, LL.M, and PhD. Aspiring educators can now embark on a rewarding teaching career, with attractive remuneration packages ranging from 64k to 150k per month, as per UGC scales. So, if you have a passion for imparting legal knowledge and shaping the minds of future legal professionals, this is an ideal time to seize the chance and explore the fulfilling path of legal academia.

Shaping Societal Impact Through Expertise

In any social-legal framework, the role of legal policy analysts holds immense importance. These talented individuals act as catalysts, shaping and refining policies that have a profound impact on society as a whole. Their expertise is highly valued by esteemed organisations such as Niti Ayog, the UN Office of Legal Affairs, World Bank, Think Tanks and numerous NGOs. These institutions actively seek out law graduates to enhance their frameworks and initiatives. If you have a passion for making a meaningful difference through policy development and analysis, this is the perfect opportunity to contribute your legal acumen to the greater good of society.

Corporate Track

The surge in India's foreign investment, reaching a staggering 55.27 billion during the 2022 financial year, signifies the dynamic emergence and transformation of multinational corporations (MNCs) and esteemed companies. This rapid growth has paved the way for a remarkable demand for legal officers/ legal assistants within their corporate departments, offering enticing salary packages. Accompanying this trend, a multitude of prestigious corporate law firms such as Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co., Trilegal India, Khaitan & Co., Sagar Associates, DSK Legal, AZB & Partners, Anand & Anand, and many more, are actively recruiting lawyers to provide expert advice and guidance to these corporate entities, accompanied by lucrative remuneration.

Government Services

Exciting career opportunities await you within the realm of government institutions as legal assistants/ legal officers. These coveted positions are now available in the secretariats of centre and state governments, public universities, public companies, and various other government departments. 

Officers of Indian Corporate Law Services in Republic Day Celebration (Image Credit: ICLS Academy Official)

As a law graduate, you have a distinct advantage as you are given preferential consideration for secretary positions within local bodies and the revenue department, enhancing your prospects in the public sector. Additionally, don't miss the opportunity to explore the Indian Corporate Law Services, listed under Group B of the UPSC. Seize the chance to contribute to the public sector while utilising your legal expertise.

Empowering Legal Minds to Serve & Protect

Within the prestigious Army, Navy, and Air Force, there exists a specialised department known as the Judge Advocate General's (JAG) Department, which offers a unique platform for Advocates to utilise their skills. As part of the JAG Department, law graduates have the remarkable opportunity to serve as advocates, judges in courts and tribunals of armed forces, and legal officers in administrative divisions. 

The Military Justice Conundrum (Image Credit: ADGPI-Indian Army Official)

Joining the armed forces with commissioned ranks, these individuals command respect, authority, and have the privilege of serving their country. Embark on a fulfilling journey where you can combine your passion for law with a noble purpose, making a difference while wearing the uniform.

Expand Your Legal Horizons with our Curated Books and Movies

Galaxy Education presents a curated selection of books and movies that ignite and inspire your journey towards legal studies. These recommendations are carefully chosen to fuel your passion and provide valuable insights.

Discover our recommended reads for aspiring law students, carefully chosen to inspire and guide you on your legal journey.

  1. Before Memory Fades: An Autobiography by Fali S Nariman
  2. Tomorrow’s Lawyers: An Introduction to Your Future by Richard Susskind
  3. Nani Palkhivala: The Courtroom Genius by Soli J Sorabjee and Arvind P Datar
  4. Landmark Judgments that Changed India by Ashok K. Ganguly
  5. Court and Their Judgments by Arun Shourie
  6. Letters to a Law Student by Nicholas J. McBride
  7. Roses in December: An Auto-Biography by MC Chagla
  8. 10 Judgements That Changed India by Zia Mody
  9. We, the People by Nani A. Palkhivala
  10. The Law and the Lawyers by Mahatma Gandhi

Here's our handpicked movie list to fuel your legal studies journey and ignite your passion. Enjoy the inspiration!

  1. Jolly LL.B (2013)
  2. Court (2014)
  3. Pink (2016)
  4. Shahid (2013)
  5. Mulk (2018)
  6. Court Martial (2020)
  7. Article 15 (2019)
  8. Melvilasam (2011)
  9. Rustom (2016)
  10. Pink (2016)

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