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Last updated: 18 Feb 2022

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Joining the college for the degree course is considered as one of the biggest decisions made by the students in their life. Joining the desired course has a direct implication on the future of students' professional life and career growth. The better the decision the better is the result.

Some of the aspects that should be kept in mind by the students before selecting the right college for his/her studies are as follows:

Goal Setting

It is very important for the students to identify their inward appeal and motivation for joining the course. The students should have clarity about their desire and goal about which degree to have in hand and how to grow further in the future career with this qualification. 

The students have to introspect on the following questions within themselves before joining any course.

  • Is salary important or interest in international exposure?
  • Whether the goal is to broaden the mental horizons through education?
  • Is it to hone the skills for career enhancements?

Compare Colleges

There are a lot of colleges and courses available and the students will be flooded with offers soon after they complete their PUC or Class 12th. Making the right choice for the students can be challenging but with proper planning and expert guidance this process can be simplified. 

The students have to shortlist the courses and colleges that are according to their requirements like location, finance, quality, infrastructure, placement, etc before taking further steps. The focused approach by the students with researching is the best way to choose the best course or college for them.

Check for Tuition fees

Every college has a specific course fee structure and students should have to check them properly before the selection of the college or course. The students have to calculate all these costs according to their financial conditions and then take a call. Some courses are quite expensive and students should be well aware of the worthiness of the course and is it necessary to have such investment.

To clear the confusion the students can contact the experts from Galaxy Education and make a right decision. 

Check for Accreditations

There are many colleges around us that claim to offer the best education for students. The students should not get flattered by the marketing gimmicks by the colleges. Some colleges are genuine while the number of fake colleges is more. Many colleges falsely claim to have accreditations from NAAC and many other authorities. The students have to be aware of such instances and they should not land up in non-accredited colleges to spoil their career. 

It is always important that the students should check for valid accreditations of the colleges before choosing them. Galaxy Education can be the reliable and trustworthy organisation that can help the students by giving them complete details about all the colleges and help them to make informed decisions. 

Faculty Profiles

The faculty forms a major strength in any colleges, the better the faculty the better is the quality of education for students. It is very important for the students to cross verify the qualification and expertise of the faculties of the colleges. So before choosing a college the student has to do background research on faculties and choose wisely. 

Infrastructure & Facilities

Infrastructure is one of the main assets for providing high quality education for students. The better the infrastructure, the better is the education in college. With modern technologies in place, it is very essential for interactive learning for students and infrastructure plays a major role in achieving this. The infrastructure and facilities of the colleges helps the students to have a proper atmosphere to study better.

It is very important for the students to cross verify infrastructure & facilities; like cutting edge teaching aids that includes Overhead Projectors (OHP) in all the classrooms, full-fledged auditorium halls with all the audio-visual aids, seminar halls with AV facilities, computer labs with latest software and many other cutting edge educational gears.

To help the students with this, Galaxy Education arranges personal campus visits for the students so that they can have a first-hand view of the infrastructure & facilities available in the colleges during the campus visits.

Internships & Placements

Every student joins college to get a decent and high paying job after the completion of the course. Every college claims to provide 100% placements for all the students, but it is not true all the time. Majority of the fake colleges try to impress the students by providing these false claims and false placement information. The students should not get carried away by such flattery words of these colleges.

The students have to identify how aligned the college is with the industry and recruitment partners. The students should try to understand about activities taken by the placement department of the college for upskilling and recruiter engagement.

Another important aspect while selecting the colleges are “Internships”. The internships help the students to have a real-time exposure to the real-world working scenarios and these internships play an important role in getting placements in various top organisations. 

The colleges claim to provide internships to all the students; but what matters is where the students are sent to execute their internships; either in the reputed companies or in some small and struggling start-ups. The students should verify the tie-ups and collaborations of the B-Schools with industry for internships opportunities.

International Exposure

All the colleges claim that they provide international exposure to its students during the course curriculum. There are certain destinations that are best suited for international exposure for specific subjects or specialisations for management students. 

The students should try to figure out that; what type of international exposure is offered by these colleges and how these exposures are executed by the colleges. Another aspect is the international collaborations that the colleges are having. The colleges claim to have international collaborations but it is the responsibility of the students to get detailed and genuine information about the international collaborations.

The students can get this genuine information from the experts of Galaxy Education, the students can use this opportunity before making a decision.

Campus Life

Every student loves to enjoy the best campus life experience during their college days. The campus life memories are lifetime memories that can happen only once in a lifetime and every student loves to enjoy it. There are colleges that claim to provide the best of campus life experience like excellent hostel facilities, good eateries in the campus, physical activities centre for various physical activities like jogging, walking, gym, aerobics, Zumba, etc. But in reality they are completely an eye wash for the students in case of the fake institutions. It is necessary for the students to have first-hand experience of the campus life through campus visits. Galaxy Education helps the students to have the first-hand experience of the colleges by arranging dedicated campus visits.


Choosing the right college for any course may be difficult; but a focused approach can make this process simpler. With a large number of colleges proliferating across the globe and rampant marketing techniques may lead to confusion for the students. But a planned approach with expert guidance allows the students to take informed decisions and choose the best one for them.

At Galaxy Education, we help you through the process of finding and applying to the right Colleges in Bangalore. Contact us in below details to get more information on admission procedure and how to secure your seat:

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