An eye scan is enough to diagnose cardiovascular diseases! A Google AI Revolution in Healthcare

A Google AI Revolution in Healthcare

Last updated: 04 Apr 2024

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Eyes as Gateways: Transforming Healthcare with AI

Have you heard about this? In a historical and landmark announcement, Google CEO Sundar Pichai confirmed that AI can now assist in detecting various cardiovascular problems through a simple eye scan. This means saying goodbye to X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs, as Google AI can now analyse the information from an eye scan to determine what's happening in your body. This advancement is truly remarkable. Just a few months ago, Pichai said that retina scans could predict age, sexual identity, whether you smoke, used to smoke, or are a non-smoker, and even the likelihood of a heart attack within the next five years. AI is undeniably a game-changer.

Google CEO Sunder Pichai at Google AI EventGoogle CEO Sunder Pichai at Google AI Event

Google has developed the next-generation healthcare system

Google AI Revolution in Healthcare has obtained this triumph with a joint team of Google scholars and Aravind eyes hospital in Chennai.  The algorithm they developed could recognize the signs of the disease and deliver a diagnosis within seconds when supplied with a patient's retinal photos. They have developed a great algorithm that possesses the remarkable ability to swiftly identify indicators of diseases and promptly provide a diagnosis within mere seconds. By simply providing the algorithm with retinal photos of a patient, it can astutely recognize the telltale signs of various illnesses. Moreover, Google is engaged with numerous AI projects to improve health care including DeepVariant, AI Imaging & Diagnostics, DermAssist, The Check Up, Health AI, Healthcare AI, and AI for Health.

The AI Doctor

Although the notion of an AI doctor autonomously formulating novel diagnoses may seem far off, the latest research indicates that it may not be entirely implausible. Sundar Pichai's recent announcement demonstrates that Google's AI is already taking significant strides toward a future in which conventional diagnostic techniques could become secondary to the invaluable insights we can extract from our eyes. Imagine a world where a swift eye scan has the power to unveil concealed health conditions and forecast potential cardiovascular events. Such a prospect has the potential to revolutionise the landscape of healthcare and diagnostics, offering a remarkable new approach that prioritizes early detection and preventive measures. It's a vision that holds tremendous promise for the future of medical advancements.

Within the realm of Google's AI, every eye possesses a captivating tale to tell, and within these tales lies the potential for a brighter and healthier future.

AI! AI! Everywhere!

It is evidenced and undoubtedly, we can endorse it the future of this world is relied on AI, and here is some AI technology which widely influenced your daily life and professional journey;

  • Cooking: Chef GPT
  • Chatbot: ChatGPT, Bard, Bing
  • Video: Runway, Pictory, Descript
  • Productivity: Notion AI, Taskade, MeetGeek
  • Design: Midjourney, Adobe Firefly, Microsoft Designer
  • Website: 10web, Durable, Imagica
  • Code: Copilot X, AskCodi, AWS Code, Whisper
  • Presentation: Tome, Decktopus, Gamma
  • Automation: Zapier, make, Bardeen

Unlock your Rewards

Amid this thriving sector, there continues to be a pressing shortage of skilled AI wizards. Graduates entering this field have an exceptionally high likelihood of securing immediate placements accompanied by generous packages. At the entry-level, rewards can range from ₹400k to ₹800k, demonstrating the industry's eagerness to attract and reward fresh talent. As professionals advance to mid-level positions, their earnings soar to an impressive ₹1000k to ₹2000k. At the senior level, where seasoned individuals bring years of experience and notable achievements, salaries reach remarkable heights, ranging from ₹2000k to ₹5000k.

Who is the game changer?

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Akash’s syllabus covers from the beginning to the most advanced tools and technologies like Neural Network Architectures, Backpropagation and Optimization, Hyperparameter Tuning, Transfer Learning and Pretrained Models, Computer Vision Applications, and Natural Language Processing Applications. These technologies are still being used by Google, Microsoft, and ChatGPT for their AI boats, AI healthcare projects, and other AI projects.

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