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BSc Visual Effects and Animation Admission in Bangalore

Last updated: 13 Oct 2021

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Introduction to Visual Effects (VFX) and Animation

Visual Effects (VFX)

Visual Effects (VFX) refers to the procedure of creating imagery using live action that is captured with film making. Visual effects deals with the process of consolidation of real-life footage and computer-generated imagery (CGI) to make situations, which look sensible, however would be risky, costly, unrealistic, tiresome or challenging to shoot on film. Visual effects are created with the help of different softwares and are basically used in movies.


Animation is a method of photographing successive drawings, models or even puppets to create an illusion of movement in a sequence. In traditional animation pictures are drawn or painted on transparent celluloid sheets. These celluloid sheets are then photographed and shown as an animated film. This process of creating an imaginary and humours sequence is called animation.

Few Lines about B.Sc Visual Effects (VFX) and Animation

B.Sc Visual Effects (VFX) and Animation is a 3-year undergraduate course that is divided into 6 semesters. The course involves an advanced study of 2D classical & Digital 3D Animation and Visual Effects (VFX). The course aims to train the students to become skilled professionals in the domain of animation, gaming and graphic related arts. The students will be learning about the 2D and 3D animation and concentrate on new techniques aside from visual effects (VFX).

The main idea of the course is to develop the technical skill and knowledge involved in Visual Effects (VFX) and animation among the students and enable them use their creativity skills to create a quality content for all the audience.

Eligibility for B.Sc Visual Effects (VFX) and Animation

The students who have passed PUC or 10+2 from recognised board are eligible to apply for B.Sc Visual Effects (VFX) and Animation courses.

Admission Procedures

The students can take admission to B.Sc Visual Effects (VFX) & Animation via two modes

1. Merit admission Process
2. Direct Admission Process

Let’s discuss in detail

1. Merit Admission Process

There are many reputed educational institutes that conduct institution-based entrance exams for B.Sc Visual Effects (VFX) & Animation courses. Every institution has a limited number of merit-seats that are allotted to students who qualify the institution-based entrance exam. Such mode is called merit-based admission. The main reason for entrance exams is to filter out the serious candidates from the non-serious candidates and allot the merit seats to the deserving candidates. The fees for merit admission is nominal.

2. Direct Admission Process

The students also have another mode of admission to B.Sc Visual Effects (VFX) & Animation known as direct admission. The students under this mode are given direct admissions under the management quota to their desired colleges. The benefit of direct admission is that the students are exempted from appearing for any entrance exam and are given direct admission to colleges. The second benefit of direct admission is that the students can choose their desired colleges and book their seats even before the starting of the college. The fees is slightly higher for direct admission. The students interested in direct admission are required to contact Galaxy Educational Services for more details about direct admissions.

Syllabus for B.Sc Visual Effects (VFX) & Animation

The students of B.Sc Visual Effects (VFX) & Animation will be studying the following subjects in their degree.

Sl. No. Subjects of Study
1 Fundamentals of Drawing
2 Introduction to Digital Art
3 Concept Development
4 History and Pipeline of Animation
5 Art Styles
6 3D Prop Modelling
7 2D Art (Concept Art & 2D Assets Creation)
8 Fundamental of Composting
9 Roto Paint
10 Character Modelling
11 Texturing and Shading
12 2D Animation
13 Camera Tracking and Match Move
14 Advanced 3D Modelling
15 Pre-production & Presentation
16 Dynamics
17 Lightning and Rendering
18 Video Editing
19 Stop Motion
20 Animation & Visual Effects (VFX)
21 Live Action and presentation

Career & Scope for B.Sc Visual Effects (VFX) and Animation

The B.Sc Visual Effects (VFX) and Animation students have ample career opportunities. They can join the film industry, television industry, ad agencies, gaming industry, etc. The students who are interested in higher studies can join the M.Sc Visual Effects (VFX) and Animation course. There is a lot of demand for skilled professionals. The creative and talented B.Sc Visual Effects (VFX) and Animation students can find lucrative job opportunities across various platforms.

Job Roles available after B.Sc Visual Effects (VFX) and Animation

Some of the important job roles available are:

  • Graphic Designer
  • 3D Modeler
  • Flash Animators
  • Game Designers
  • Visual Effects Artists
  • Architectural Animator

Salary Potential

The B.Sc Visual Effects (VFX) and Animation students will earn a decent salary that ranges from 5 lakhs to 15 lakhs per annum. The salary varies according to the experience.

Top Recruiters for B.Sc Visual Effects (VFX) and Animation

Some of the top recruiters for B.Sc Visual Effects (VFX) and Animation students are:

  • Pentamedia Graphics
  • Maya Entertainment
  • Toonz Animation India
  • UTV Toonz
  • Cartoon Network
  • Padmalaya Telefilms
  • Pixel Arts
  • Walt Disney
  • Silvertoon Studio
  • Reliance Media Works
  • Fox Studio
  • Paramount Pictures

Final Lines

The demand for creative and skilled professionals from B.Sc Visual Effects and Animation is very high in the industry. They can easily find lucrative careers across various sectors of media like film, television, etc. Visual Effects (VFX) is a new normal for all movies and television programmes in today’s context. Visual Effects (VFX) plays a key role in every film today and the demand for skilled professionals is rising day by day. Many Indian films have seen huge success in international levels due to excellent Visual Effects and Graphics work.

The students who are interested to show their talents and creativity can join the B.Sc Visual Effects (VFX) and Animation course and can have a decent salary package with excellent career growth prospects.

At Galaxy Education, we help you through the process of finding and applying to the right Colleges in Bangalore. Contact us in below details to get more information on admission procedure and how to secure your seat:

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