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MSc Psychosocial Rehabilitation

Last updated: 21 Oct 2021

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What is M.Sc Psychosocial rehabilitation?

The M.Sc Psychosocial Rehabilitation is the 2-year post-graduate programme that can be done by the students who have studied any of the following subjects such as social work, psychology, sociology, nursing, home science, occupational therapy or behavioural & social sciences as one the major subject in their degree. The students from MBBS are also eligible to apply for M.Sc Psychosocial rehabilitation.

The students seeking admission to M.Sc Psychosocial rehabilitation should have secured 50% aggregate in all the subjects in their degree from the recognised university from India and abroad.

Why choose M.Sc Psychosocial Rehabilitation?

The main aim of the course is to train the M.Sc Psychosocial Rehabilitation students with advanced psychology counselling skills and empower them to take up a strong career in the field of psychology and mental health sciences. The M.Sc Psychosocial rehabilitation course promotes personal recovery, successful community, integration and satisfactory quality of the life of the persons suffering from mental illness and having psychological disorders.

The psychosocial rehabilitation services and supports are collaborative. The course gives the persons a directed approach that acts as an essential element of the human services spectrum. The course aims to develop the M.Sc Psychosocial Rehabilitation students with the skills and access resources that are needed to increase their capacity to have a successful and satisfying living, working, learning and social environments of their choice. The M.Sc Psychosocial rehabilitation students are trained to carry out counselling sessions for the patients suffering from mental depression, mental illness etc.

What makes the M.Sc Psychosocial Rehabilitation a good course?

The psychosocial rehabilitation field is largely preferred by many students in the last decade. The psychosocial rehabilitation field opens up the gates to many exciting career paths because of the comprehensive knowledge that is gained by the M.Sc Psychosocial Rehabilitation students and is also provided with the excellent exposure to the real-world scenarios.

Objectives of M.Sc Psychosocial Rehabilitation course are:

  • To understand the basic principles and values of psychosocial rehabilitation
  • To understand the impact of stigma on people suffering from a mental disability
  • To understand the principles of recovery and empowerment in working with people who have a psychiatric disability
  • To understand the importance of bringing cultural sensitivity and awareness to all the interactions as the professional counsellor
  • To identify the range of practice models utilized in psychosocial rehabilitation
  • To understand the impact of the social movements that have shaped the development and evolution of psychological rehabilitation services
  • To demonstrate a basic understanding of ethical practice in psychological rehabilitation
  • To understand the basics of formulating a rehabilitation goal, strengths assessment and documentation
  • To understand the issues related to transitional youth and strategies for engaging them in recovery
  • To understand the aspects of life that makes people suffer from mental disorders and depressions
  • To treat the people with psychological problems by using advanced counselling methodologies and treatment procedures
  • To build confidence, will power among the people and make them strong to face real scenarios and problems.

Career Scope for M.Sc Psychosocial Rehabilitation

M.Sc Psychosocial Rehabilitation students have ample job opportunities in numerous areas. They can work as consultants to the corporate companies or they can even choose to counsel the patients in medical facilities independently, NGOs, rehabilitation centres, polyclinics etc. The M.Sc. Psychosocial Rehabilitation students have excellent job openings across different positions and areas of employment. The psychosocial rehabilitation students are hired in different positions at the organizations. The top-performing students will not find any difficulty in getting jobs soon after the completion of the psychology degree.

Some of the job roles available for psychosocial rehabilitation students are:

  • Social Psychologist
  • Human Resource Assistant
  • Counselling Psychologist
  • Child Support Specialist
  • Social Worker
  • Special Education Teacher
  • Career Counsellor
  • Psychotherapist
  • Psychologist
  • Psychology Consultant
  • Educational psychologist
  • Research Specialist
  • Assistant Professor

Placement Opportunities

M.Sc Psychosocial rehabilitation students have ample job opportunities. They can find jobs across various sectors. They are required in hospitals, mental care centres, schools, colleges, prisons, diagnostic centres, polyclinics, NGOs, rehabilitation centres etc. Many organizations hire psychosocial rehabilitation students in large numbers.

Some of the areas where the psychosocial rehabilitation students hired are:

  • Corporate Companies
  • Commercial and Industrial Companies
  • Financial Organizations
  • Marketing Companies
  • HR Departments
  • Government Social Services
  • Jails/Prisons
  • Police forces
  • Schools, Colleges and Universities
  • NGOs
  • Rehabilitation Centres
  • Special Schools
  • Mental Health Care units
  • Counselling Centres


The changed lifestyle has resulted in increased stress among people. Many of them undergo depression due to stress. The main aim of the M.Sc Psychosocial Rehabilitation students is to help them to come out of their depression by conducting professional counselling sessions. The M.Sc Psychosocial Rehabilitation students are qualified professionals who counsel them and help them to lead a better lifestyle. The eligible students from the psychology background can choose to join the M.Sc Psychosocial Rehabilitation course and get updated with advanced skills that are necessary for the counselling and boost mental health in the people.

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