All about B.Tech/BE Course

All you should know about B.Tech\BE Course

Last updated: 20 Oct 2021

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Introduction to Engineering

Engineering is the application of science and maths to solve problems. Engineers, figure out how things work and find practical uses for scientific discoveries. Scientists and inventors often get the credit for innovations that advance the human condition, but it is engineers who are instrumental in making those innovations available to the world.

Engineering is an occupation with extremely wide reach. The term ‘engineering’ covers many fields and by extension, many skills. Engineers are scientists’ inventors, designers, builders and great thinkers. They improve the state of the world, amplify human capability and make people’s lives safer and easier.

Few Lines about B.Tech/BE Course

Bachelor of Technology/Bachelor of Engineering (B.Tech/BE) is one of the most sought out degrees in India. It is an undergraduate degree of 4-years that is divided into 8 semesters. The course is considered as the skill-oriented course that is designed to develop the practical skills in the students. The course curriculum is designed to give maximum exposure to the terms of industry with application.

The course syllabus is designed to teach the students a love and desire to incorporate technology into our lives with the sole objective of making our lives easier while making massive strides in the field of engineering. There are various combinations of streams under B.Tech that a student can opt for depending upon the availability of seats and merit in various colleges and universities. The course is designed to teach the students the analytical process necessary to solve a problem with the minimum resources and under practical constraints.

Specialisations/Streams available in B.Tech /BE

The B.Tech course comes with host of specialisations and streams to choose according to the interests of students they are:

  • B.Tech/BE -Computer Science and Engineering
  • B.Tech/BE- Computer Science and Technology
  • B.Tech/BE Computer Science and Engineering (Cyber Security)
  • B.Tech/BE- Computer Science and Engineering (IoT)
  • B.Tech/BE Computer Science and Engineering (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning)
  • B.Tech/BE Computer Science and Engineering (Blockchain)
  • B.Tech/BE Computer Science and Engineering (DevOps)
  • B.Tech/BE Computer Science and Engineering (Big Data)
  • B.Tech/BE Computer Science and Engineering (Data Science)
  • B.Tech/BE Computer Science and Engineering (Data Analytics)
  • B.Tech/BE Computer Science and Engineering (Cloud Technology and Mobile Application)
  • B.Tech/BE Computer Science and Engineering (Cloud Technology and Information Science)
  • B.Tech/BE Computer Science and Engineering (Mathematics and Computing)
  • B.Tech/BE Computer Science Engineering (Robotic Process Automation)
  • B.Tech/BE Civil Engineering
  • B.Tech/BE Civil Engineering (Construction Technology and Management)
  • B.Tech/BE Mechanical Engineering
  • B.Tech/BE Mechanical Engineering (3D Printing)
  • B.Tech/BE Robotics and Mechatronics
  • B.Tech/BE Automobile Engineering
  • B.Tech/BE Automotive Engineering
  • B.Tech/BE Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • B.Tech/BE Electronics and Computer Engineering
  • B.Tech/BE Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • B.Tech/BE Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Electric Mobility and Smart Systems)
  • B.Tech/BE Electronics and Communication Engineering (Embedded Systems and Industrial IoT)
  • B.Tech/BE Electronics and Communication Engineering (Cellular Technology)
  • B.Tech/BE Electronics and TeleCommunication Engineering
  • B.Tech/BE Electronics and Computer Engineering (IT Infrastructure)
  • B.Tech/BE Chemical Engineering
  • B.Tech/BE Industrial Engineering and Management
  • B.Tech/BE Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
  • B.Tech/BE Information Technology
  • B.Tech/BE Information Science and Engineering (Business Analytics and Optimization)
  • B.Tech/BE Information Engineering
  • B.Tech/BE Telecommunication Engineering
  • B.Tech/BE Biotechnology
  • B.Tech/BE Aerospace Engineering
  • B.Tech/BE Aeronautical Engineering
  • B.Tech/BE Petroleum Engineering
  • B.Tech/BE Software Engineering
  • B.Tech/BE Medical Electronics
  • B.Tech/BE Mining Engineering
  • B.Tech/BE Mechatronics
  • B.Tech/BE Artificial Intelligence
  • B.Tech/BE Electrical & Electronics Engineering (IoT Energy Management)

Eligibility for B.Tech/BE

The students who have passed PUC or 10+2 with a science background can join the B.Tech course. The students interested in joining B.Tech courses are required to qualify competitive exams like CET/COMED-K/JEE with high marks in order to get merit seats in various colleges.

Admission Procedures

The students with relevant qualifications can join the B.Tech/BE course by two modes. The first one is Merit based admission and the second one is Direct admission.

Let’s discuss in detail

Merit Admission

The students who are interested to join B.Tech/BE degree should mandatorily appear for CET/COMED-K/JEE or institutional-based entrance exams and undergo counselling to choose their desired colleges for merit seats. The engineering college allotts the merit seats to the students according to their rankings and marks obtained by them in their entrance exams and marks scored in PUC or 10+2. There are two types of counselling for the B.Tech/BE students

Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA) Counselling

The students who are interested to join the government engineering colleges and other engineering colleges affiliated to the government should undergo the counselling procedures of Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA). The students who intend to join for the merit seats under government quota are required to complete the counselling procedures and join for the B.Tech/BE programmes in their chosen colleges. The Engineering colleges under the Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA) are affiliated to the Visveswaraya Technological University (VTU).

COMED-K Counselling

The students who are interested to join the private autonomous engineering colleges and deemed universities that are affiliated to All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) are required to apply for the COMED-K counselling procedures. The students should qualify the COMED-K counselling procedures to get admission to their desired private autonomous engineering colleges or deemed universities for Engineering programmes.

Direct Admission

The students have another option of getting admission to B.Tech/BE course by direct admission process. Under this mode of admission, the students are given direct admission to their desired colleges under management quota. The direct admission students enjoy many special privileges like they are not required to apply for any entrance exam for getting admissions. They have an option to choose their desired colleges and universities and book their seats in advance even before the starting of the academic year. The students who are interested in direct admissions are required to contact Galaxy Educational Services for more details.

Career & Scope

The B.Tech/BE course students are required in large numbers in various sectors of technology solutions. There are a large number of corporate and technology companies that are looking for skilled professionals in the field of technology. At the initial days of the career one will be working in a project with a technical team. As they gain skill and experience, they will reach higher positions like team leaders and project managers, etc.

The B.Tech/BE Course students can join the master's course after the completion of their degree. They can even join an M.Tech or MS programme to have an in-depth knowledge about the field.

Job Roles for B.Tech/BE students

Some of the important job roles available for B.Tech/BE students are:

  • Software Engineer
  • Automobile Engineer
  • Civil Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Biotechnologist
  • Artificial Intelligence Developer
  • Automotive Engineer

Salary and Emoluments

The fresh B.Tech/BE graduates will be earning around 4 lakhs to 8 lakhs per annum. The experienced professionals will be earning around 8 lakhs to 20 lakhs per annum. The salaries depend upon the location and recruiters.

Top Organisations Hiring B.Tech/BE students

The important organisations hiring B.Tech/BE students are:

  • Infosys
  • TCS
  • BPCL
  • Biocon
  • Prestige Developer
  • Toyota
  • Shell Petroleum’s
  • IBM

Final Lines

The B.Tech/BE is the most popular course among the majority of the students across India and other countries. The job potential is very high for engineering graduates and are paid handsome salaries with excellent growth in career. The students with passion towards technology can join the engineering course and enjoy excellent careers in the field of technology.

At Galaxy Education, we help you through the process of finding and applying to the right Colleges in Bangalore. Contact us in below details to get more information on admission procedure and how to secure your seat:

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