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BTech/BE Biotechnology

Last updated: 20 Oct 2021

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Introduction to Biotechnology

Biotechnology is a science driven industry sector that makes use of living organisms and molecular biology to produce healthcare-related products and therapeutics or to run processes. Biotechnology is best known for its increasingly important role in the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals and it's also applied in other areas such as genomics, food production and the production of biofuels.

Few lines about B.Tech/BE Biotechnology

B.Tech/BE Biotechnology is an undergraduate course that is divided into 8-semesters. The course syllabus aims to provide knowledge regarding the integration of biology and technology and the application of the same in real life. It is the field of applied science which requires the usage of organisms, principles of chemical engineering and bioprocessing.

The course is designed to enhance the candidates with basic engineering concepts and move onto the applied in developing products out of living organisms or enhance product stability and analysing properties possessed by each organism and their chemical behaviour. The course deals with the in-depth study of biological and chemical components that are part of the day to day life and how technology and engineering concepts can be used to convert these living organisms into customised products and also use them to enhance the performance of a pre-existing product in domains such as medical, pharmaceutical, genetic, etc.

Eligibility for B.Tech/BE

The students who have passed PUC or 10+2 with a science background can join B.Tech/BE courses. The students interested in joining B.Tech/BE courses are required to qualify competitive exams like CET/COMED-K/JEE with high marks in order to get merit seats in various colleges.

Admission Procedures

The students with relevant qualifications can join B.Tech/BE courses by two modes. The first one is Merit based admission and the second one is Direct admission.

Let’s discuss in detail

Merit Admission

The students who are interested to join B.Tech/BE Biotechnology degree should mandatorily appear for CET/COMED-K/JEE or institutional-based entrance exams and undergo counselling to choose their desired colleges for merit seats. The engineering college allots the merit seats to the students according to their rankings and marks obtained by them in their entrance exams and marks scored in PUC or 10+2. 

There are two types of counselling for the B.Tech/BE students

1. Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA) Counselling

The students who are interested to join the government engineering colleges and other engineering colleges affiliated to the government should undergo the counselling procedures of Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA). 

The students who intend to join for the merit seats under government quota are required to complete the counselling procedures and join for the B.Tech/BE programmes in their chosen colleges. The Engineering colleges under the Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA) are affiliated to the Visveswaraya Technological University (VTU).

2. COMED-K Counselling

The students who are interested to join the private autonomous engineering colleges and deemed universities that are affiliated to All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) are required to apply for the COMED-K counselling procedures. The students should qualify the COMED-K counselling procedures to get admission to their desired private autonomous engineering colleges or deemed universities for Engineering programmes. 

Direct Admission  

The students have another option of getting admission to B.Tech/BE Biotechnology course by direct admission process. Under this mode of admission, the students are given direct admission to their desired colleges under management quota. The direct admission students enjoy many special privileges like that they are not required to apply for any entrance exam for getting admissions. They have an option to choose their desired colleges and universities and book their seats in advance even before the starting of the academic year. The students who are interested in direct admissions are required to contact Galaxy Educational Services for more details.

Course Curriculum

The students of B.Tech/BE Biotechnology will be studying the following subjects during their course duration.

Sl No Subjects of Study


Engineering Mathematics


Engineering Physics


Engineering Chemistry


Foundations of Biotechnology


Engineering and Design


Computer Programming


Material Science


Principles of Environmental Science


Engineering Graphics




Cell Biology


Computer Programming


Genetics & Cryogenics




Human Physiology & Health




Molecular Biology


Mechanical Operations and Heat Transfer


Bioprocess Principles




Enzyme Engineering & Technology




Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics


Momentum Transfer




Animal Biotechnology


Plant Biotechnology


Analytical Techniques


Recombinant DNA Technology


Chemical Reaction Engineering


Bioprocess Engineering


Mass Transfer 


Gene Manipulation


Protein Engineering


Metabolic Engineering




Genomics and Proteomics


Instrumentation and Process Control


Plant Tissue Culture


Animal Cell Culture


Bio separation Technology 


Fermentation Technology


Industrial Biotechnology


Bioreactor Design






Analytical Techniques in Biotechnology


Animal Physiology and Biotechnology


Intellectual Property Rights




Bioprocess Economics & Plant Design


Downstream Engineering


Molecular Biology


Organic Chemistry


Pharmaceutical Biotechnology


Plant Physiology & Biotechnology


Principles of Chemical Engineering


Principles of Management


Probability & Statistics/Biostatistics

Career & Scope

There is a huge demand for B.Tech/BE Biotechnology students. They are hired in diverse areas like research, pharmaceutical, genetic engineering, etc. They can expect an excellent career in the field of biotechnology.

Salary & Emoluments

The fresh B.Tech/BE Biotechnology students will easily earn around 4 lakhs to 6 lakhs per annum. The experienced professionals will be earning around 6 lakhs to 8 lakhs per annum.

Top Organisations hiring B.Tech/BE Biotechnology students

Some of the top organisations hiring B.Tech/BE Biotechnology students are:

  • Biocon
  • Natural Remedies
  • Wipro Biotech
  • Life Cell
  • Serum Institute
  • Bharat Biotech

Placement Opportunities

Some of the job roles available are:

Genetic Engineer: The genetic engineers rework genetic material to make organisms healthier and more efficient. They directly manipulate an organism’s genes, often using molecular tools to rearrange fragments of DNA. By altering those structural elements, genetic engineers can make a plant more resistant to disease or pests or modify bacteria to carry drugs to targeted tissues.

Bioinformatics Specialist: The bioinformatics merges biological science and computer science. As the complexity and scope of biological understanding continues to grow, so does the complexity of the tools necessary to analyze it and the concepts of big data and biotechnology are becoming increasingly interdependent. Modern day bioinformatics specialists take massive amounts of biological data comparing multiple genes and their mutations, for example— derive applicable insights from it through computational means.

Biopharmaceutical Specialist: The biopharmaceutical specialists can work at either end of the corporate scale from the small start-up firm to the multinational conglomerate—and the need is growing as quickly as the science. It’s estimated by the Pharmaceutical Research Manufacturers of America that in the future, one-fourth of all new medicines will be biopharmaceuticals of one sort or another. Due to the dynamic and complex regulatory landscape of biopharmaceuticals, development specialists must have an extensive background in biological sciences as well as comprehensive pharmaceutical training.

Biomedical Engineer: The biomedical engineers explore the intersection of living and mechanical processes. They design products such as artificial limbs, internal organs, devices that regulate insulin, and laser systems that can be used in corrective eye surgery, helping people to see, hear and walk again.

Biomedical Researcher: The biomedical researchers and medical scientists conduct research intended to improve overall human health. They can design and conduct studies to investigate human disease, standardize drug delivery methods for mass manufacturing and distribution or develop programs with health departments to improve overall patient outcomes. 

Final Lines

The B.Tech/BE Biotechnology students are required in large numbers especially in biotechnology industry. They are hired in diverse areas where biotechnology is used. The B.Tech/BE Biotechnology students are paid handsome salaries and can expect excellent career opportunities in the field. The students with a passion towards biotechnology can join this course.

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