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All you should know about BSc Environmental Science Course

Last updated: 09 Oct 2021

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What is Environmental Science?

Environmental science is the field of science that studies the interactions of the physical, chemical and biological components of the environment and also the relationships and effects of these components with the organisms in the environment. The field of environmental science can be divided into three main goals; they are to learn how the natural world works, to understand how we as humans interact with the environment and also determine how we affect the environment and finding ways to deal with the effects on the environment.

Environmental science is also referred to as an interdisciplinary field because it incorporates information and ideas from multiple disciplines. Within, the natural sciences, such as fields of biology, chemistry and geology are included in environmental science. Most people think of environmental science as an aspect of natural science, but the reality is that environmental science is a complex study that consists of broad areas from social science and humanities.

Few words about B.Sc Environmental Science

B.Sc Environmental Science is a 3-years undergraduate course that is divided into 6 semesters. The main aim of the course is to impart knowledge to the students on sustainable development, ecological sustainability, environmental health and many more. The course is specially meant for the students who wish to have a clear understanding of various environmental issues and measures which can be undertaken in order to protect the environment.

The course trains the students on various fields that are related to the environment such as Natural Resources Conservation of Environment, Ecology, Environment Impact Assessment, Pollution Management Techniques and Environmental Protection Law. The course also helps the students to understand the various phenomena of nature and how humans are related to such environmental phenomena. The students can develop scientific approaches and create thinking skills during their course duration.

Combinations available for B.Sc Environmental Science

The B.Sc Environmental Science is usually studied in combinations with other subjects that are interrelated to each other in Bangalore. Some of the available combinations for B.Sc Environmental Science course are:

  • B.Sc- Chemistry, Environmental Science, Botany
  • B.Sc- Chemistry, Environmental Science, Zoology

Eligibility for B.Sc Environmental Science

The students who have passed their PUC or 10+2 with PCB or CBZ from recognised board are eligible to apply for B.Sc Environmental Science course.

Admission Procedure

The eligible students can join the B.Sc Environmental Science course by two modes of admission. The first one is merit based and the second one is direct admission.

1. Merit Based Admission

There are many reputed educational institutes that conduct entrance exams for admission to B.Sc Environmental Science. This mode of admission is called merit-based admissions. Every college has a limited number of merit seats and institution-based entrance exams are conducted for allotment of these merit seats. The students who qualify the entrance exams are given admission under merit quota. The main idea to conduct entrance exams is to filter out the hardworking and serious candidates from non-serious ones and give them admission on merit basis. The fees are also nominal for merit admissions.

2. Direct Admission

The students can also get admission to B.Sc Environmental Science by another mode called as direct admission. Under this mode the students are given direct admissions in their desired colleges under management quota. The main advantage of this mode is that the students are given special privileges, where they are not required to appear for any institution-based entrance exams for getting admissions. Another advantage in this mode is that the students can choose their desired colleges for their study and book their seats even before the starting of the academic year. The students interested in direct admissions can contact Galaxy Educational Services for more details.

Course Curriculum for B.Sc Environmental Science

The students of B.Sc Environmental Science will be studying the following subjects in their course duration

Sl. No. Subjects of Study
1 The Ecological System
2 Natural Resources Management
3 Environmental Economics
4 Sustainable Development
5 Resource Economics
6 Environmental Policies
7 Environment and Development
8 Environmental Education
9 Environmental Protection Strategies
10 Environmental Planning for the Future
11 Man and Environment
12 Air Pollution Control
13 Water Pollution Control
14 Diverse Pollution Control
15 Ecological Resources Conservation
16 Disaster Management
17 Research Methodology
18 Sustainable Development

Career and Scope for B.Sc Environmental Science students

The B.Sc Environmental students have ample job opportunities in different sectors of industries. They can join at various job positions related to environmental science. The interested B.Sc Environmental Science students can join master's programmes for higher studies. They can take up research in the field by joining a PhD programme after their masters. The students who are interested in in-depth study of the subject can join M.Phil.

The B.Sc Environmental Science students can join as lecturers in various colleges after they complete their masters. Hence, there are a good number of career opportunities for the B.Sc Environmental Science students.

Job Roles available for B.Sc Environmental Science students

Some of the important job roles available are:

  • Environmentalist
  • Environmental Officer
  • Pollution Control Officer
  • Waste Management Officer
  • Environmental Consultant

Salary and Emoluments

The B.Sc Environmental Science students will be earning a decent salary that ranges from 4 lakhs to 8 lakhs per annum. Mostly, the salaries are dependent on the recruiters and locations. The government organisations pay better salaries when compared to private firms. Some international NGOs will pay better salaries for the skilled professionals.

Top Recruiting Firms

Some of the top recruiting firms hiring B.Sc Environmental Science students are:

  • NGOs
  • Research and Development organisations
  • Conservation Bodies
  • Environmental Management Firms
  • Public Sectors
  • Factories
  • Environmental Consultancies

Final Words

There has been a good amount of awareness about the conservation of the environment in today’s generations. All the credits go to the environmentalists who strived hard to create awareness activities about environmental protection. The demand for B.Sc Environmental Science students is increasing day by day. The awareness about the environment among the factories have created scope and room for skilled environmental science professionals.

The organisations today hire skilled B.Sc Environmental Science students in the separate departments that are related to environment conservation and sustainable development. It is mandatory for all the organisations to take up various environment centric initiatives under its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes.

The B.Sc Environmental Science students are responsible to carry out these CSR activities. The students who are interested in environmental conservation can join the B.Sc Environmental Science course.

At Galaxy Education, we help you through the process of finding and applying to the right Colleges in Bangalore. Contact us in below details to get more information on admission procedure and how to secure your seat:

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