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Last updated: 19 Oct 2021

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What is B.Sc Biotechnology?

The B.Sc Biotechnology students will be studying the advanced concepts of cellular and biomolecular processes for the development of the variety of technologies and products that contributes to the improvement of the lives of humans. Biotechnology is the branch of applied biology that is the combination of biology and technology for the benefit of humans. The course trains the students on the usage of the living organisms and the bioprocesses involved in the medicine, technology, engineering and other bioproducts.

The B.Sc Biotechnology students will be studying the usage of the living organisms in various platforms like bioprocess engineering and technology, medicine, environment, agriculture for the benefit of human beings. The main aim of the B.Sc Biotechnology course is to impart the skill and knowledge of the advanced biological processes that are meant for industrial and other purposes that are beneficial to human beings. The course also trains the students with the advanced skills of gene manipulation of microorganisms for the production of the antibiotics, hormones, enzymes etc, that are used in the production of the medicines and other related products.

The students who are interested to join B.Sc Biotechnology should have passed their PUC or 10+2 with PCB/CBZ from the recognised central or any state board.

Skills required to become Biotechnologists

The students who are interested to join B.Sc Biotechnology are required to have certain skills and qualities to become successful in their careers.

Some of the characteristics that are essential for the B.Sc Biotechnology students are as follows:

  • The students should have scientific aptitude
  • The students should have keen interest and researching capabilities
  • The students should possess an analytical mindset
  • The students should have good decision-making skills
  • The students should have excellent communication skills
  • The students should possess excellent inter-disciplinary skills
  • The students should be born problem-solvers
  • The students should have an eye on detail
  • The students should possess good eye and hand coordination
  • The students should be an excellent team player
  • The students should have the ability to work independently
  • Proficiency in computers will be an added advantage

Career Scope for B.Sc Biotechnology

Biotechnology is one of the most emerging fields in today’s world. It creates technologies and products to help and improve human life. The field of biotechnology has helped in the development of many medicines that were life-threatening for human beings. The researches in the field of biotechnology have played a crucial role in finding vaccines and medicines for many deadly diseases like HIV, SARS, Smallpox, Plague, Polio etc,

The advent in technologies has resulted in the development of the many sophisticated job profiles in the last decade. The increase in the research methodologies has created an excellent job market for the B.Sc Biotechnology students. Many research organisations are looking for skilled professionals like B.Sc Biotechnology students.

Many big firms are pouring huge money into the field of biotechnology and this has resulted in the emergence of new business opportunities for development in this sector. This huge inflow of money has created new business avenues and has resulted in a huge increase in job openings in the field of Biotechnology.

The B.Sc biotechnology is essentially a research-oriented and diverse field of medical science. The B.Sc Biotechnology course opens up popular avenues for the students and helps them to land in lucrative jobs that pay decent salaries across the globe.

Some of the job roles available after B.Sc Biotechnology are:

  • Biotechnologist
  • Research Associate
  • Research Scientist
  • Biotech Product Analyst
  • Quality Assurance Executive

Salary Package

The average B.Sc Biotechnology student will be earning an average salary of around 5 lakhs to 10 lakhs per annum. The average B.Sc biotechnology fresher will be earning nearly around 4.5 lakhs per annum. The salary increases exponentially according to the skills and experience gained in the career.

Placement Opportunities

The B.Sc Biotechnology students are majorly hired in the research institutes and research labs. They are hired by top research agencies across the globe. They are also hired in drug manufacturing companies around the world.

Some of the top recruiters hiring B.Sc Biotechnology students are:

  • Biocon
  • Natural Remedies
  • Mylan Labs
  • Kemwell Pharma
  • Serum India Pvt Ltd
  • Ranbaxy
  • Glaxo Smith
  • Himalaya Drug Company
  • Bharat Biotech


The increase in the research programmes in the field of life sciences has created enormous opportunities for skilled students in the field of Biotechnology. The advancement of medical science and technology has enabled the researchers to understand the functionality of the living organisms at the cellular and molecular level. This has given answers for various diseases that are caused in humans due to the pathogenic microorganisms.

The study of biotechnology has helped the researchers to come up with effective vaccines and medicines for fatal diseases that are caused in human beings. The students who are passionate about the research methodologies and who are interested to study the microorganisms can choose to join B.Sc Biotechnology course.

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