All about B.Com Certified Program in Capital Markets

All you should know about B.Com Certified Program in Capital Markets Course

Last updated: 13 Oct 2021

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Brief description on Capital Markets

The Capital Markets are venues where savings and investments are channeled between the suppliers who have capital and those who are in need of capital. The entities that have capital include retail and institutional investors while those who seek capital are business governments and people.

The capital markets are composed of primary and secondary markets. The most common capital markets are the stock markets and bond markets. The capital markets seek to improve transactional efficiencies. These markets bring those who hold capital and those seeking capital together and provide a place where entities can exchange securities.

Few lines about B.Com Certified Programme in Capital Markets 

The B.Com Certified Programme in Capital Markets is a 3-years undergraduate course that is divided into 6-semesters. The course has been designed to offer eligible candidates advanced lessons in the market of finance, concepts of stocks, commodities, bonds and other financial instruments in the market, stock exchange for investors willing to trade and transaction of financial securities.

The main focus of the course  is on familiarising the students with financial markets and how a country’s economy is affected by them, along with imparting an advanced understanding of computation of stocks and bonds, prices.

Eligibility for B.Com in Certified Programme in Capital markets

The students who have passed PUC or 10+2 in any stream with 50% aggregate from recognised board are eligible to apply for B.Com in Certified Programme in Capital markets course.

Admission Procedure

The students with relevant qualifications can join the B.Com Certified Programme in Capital Markets course by two modes. The first one is Merit based admission and the second one is direct admission.

Let’s discuss in detail

1. Merit Admission

There are many top educational institutes that conduct entrance exams for the B.Com Certified Programme in Capital Markets course. This mode is called merit admission mode. The entrance exams are conducted to select the serious and hardworking students from the group of non-serious candidates to the available limited number of seats in the colleges. The qualified students are allotted the merit seats and are given admission, the fees are fairly nominal for merit admissions.

2. Direct Admission  

The students have another option of getting admission to B.Com Certified Programme in Capital Markets course by direct admission process. Under this mode of admission, the students are given direct admission to their desired colleges under management quota. The direct admission students enjoy many special privileges like they are not required to apply for any institution-based entrance exam for getting admissions. They have an option to choose their desired colleges and book their seats even before the starting of the academic year. The students who are interested in direct admissions are required to contact Galaxy Educational Services for more details.

Course Curriculum for B.Com in Certified Programme in Capital Markets

The students of B.Com in Certified Programme in Capital Markets will be studying the following subjects during their course duration.

Sl No

Subjects of Study


Principles of Investment




Basic Statistics


Basic Computer Skills


Finance Accounting


Business Environment


Environment of Financial System




Statistical Applications


Communication Skills


Management Accounting


Principles of Business Management


Debt Markets


Corporate Finance


Equity Market


Banking in Financial System


Computer Application in Investments


Business Ethics


Organisational Behaviour


Commodities Market


Corporate Finance


Financial Services


Taxation for Investments


Security Analysis


Business Law


Global Capital Markets


Regulation of Securities Markets


Insurance- Fund Management


Derivative Exchange Markets


Foreign Exchange Markets


Portfolio Management


Risk Management


Corporate Governance


Computer Applications in Financial Services


Marketing of Financial Services


Mutual Fund Management


Customer Relationship Management in Financial Services

Career & Scope 

Career opportunities for B.Com Certified in Capital Markets students are abundant in areas of share broking, banks, PE Funds, SEBI, Forward Market Commission, finance companies and stock exchanges. They usually work in share brokerage agencies as share market executives.

Job Roles

Some of the important job roles available for B.Com Certified Programme in Capital Markets are:

  • Accounting Associate
  • Directors (Accounts)
  • Accountant
  • Share Broker
  • Accounts Receivable Clerk
  • Bookkeeper
  • Audit Manager

Salary & Emoluments 

The fresh B.Com Certified Programme in Capital Markets will be earning nearly around 4 lakhs to 6 lakhs per annum. The experienced professionals will be earning around 6 lakhs to 12 lakhs per annum.

Top Organisations hiring B.Com Certified Programme in Capital Markets

Some of the top organisations hiring B.Com Certified Programme in Capital Markets are:

  • Angel Broking
  • Zerodha
  • HDFC Bank
  • SBI
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank
  • ICICI Bank

Final Words

The stock markets are evergreen markets and continue to be in place till there is an economy on this planet. The B.Com Certified Programme in Capital Markets are skilled professionals and are hired in stock exchanges and many other related areas.

The B.Com Certified Programme in Capital markets are also paid handsome salaries and are also having an excellent growth opportunity in their careers. The students with an interest in share markets can join this course.

At Galaxy Education, we help you through the process of finding and applying to the right Colleges in Bangalore. Contact us in below details to get more information on admission procedure and how to secure your seat:

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