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BBA Global Course

Last updated: 09 Oct 2021

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Brief Description about BBA

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a 3-years bachelor course that can be done after PUC or 10+2. The course is designed to serve the right knowledge and skills to the students in business and management fields at the global standards. This undergraduate course in business management is open for all the three streams- science, arts and commerce students.

The BBA course comes with various disciplines such as marketing, human resource, finance, accounting, global, etc.

Few lines about BBA Global

BBA Global is a 3-years undergraduate course that is divided into 6-semesters. The course is designed to provide the students the skills required to create and manage global companies. The course basically covers an advanced study of business and cultural concepts which are relevant to international business, global practices, business practice followed by international competitors and many more.

The course trains the students on different international commercial practices that take place to promote the transfer of the goods, services, resources, ideas and technologies across geographical boundaries. The course covers the different aspects of international business such as global business administration, international business programmes, concepts of buying and selling, etc.

Eligibility for BBA Global Course

The students who have completed their PUC or 10+2 with 50% from recognised board are eligible to apply for BBA Global Course.

Admission Procedure

The students with relevant qualifications can join the BBA Global course by two modes. The first one is Merit based admission and the second one is direct admission.

Let’s discuss in detail

1. Merit Admission

There are many top educational institutes that conduct entrance exams for the BBA Global course. This mode is called merit admission mode. The entrance exams are conducted to select the serious and hardworking students from the group of non-serious candidates to the available limited number of seats in the colleges. The qualified students are allotted the merit seats and are given admission, the fees is fairly nominal for merit admissions.

2. Direct Admission  

The students have another option of getting admission to BBA Global course by direct admission process. Under this mode of admission, the students are given direct admission to their desired colleges under management quota. The direct admission students enjoy many special privileges like they are not required to apply for any institution-based entrance exam for getting admissions. They have an option to choose their desired colleges and book their seats even before the starting of the academic year. The students who are interested in direct admissions are required to contact Galaxy Educational Services for more details.

Course Curriculum

The BBA Global students will be studying the following subjects during their course duration

Sl No Subjects of Study


Business Mathematics


Management Foundation


Economic Environment


Micro Economics & Applications


Computer Awareness


Fundamentals of International Business


Environmental Studies


Behavioural Science


Financial Management


Fundamentals of Marketing


Business Statistics


Database Management




International Institutions & Trade Implications


Entrepreneurship Development


Human Resource Management


Taxation Laws and Practices


Computer Applications


International Marketing


Operation Research

Career & Scope

There is a huge demand for BBA Global students in the management industry. They can join top MNCs or they can join MBA Global for further studies. They are most valued professionals for their skills.

Salary & Emoluments

The fresh BBA Global students will be earning around 5 lakhs to 7 lakhs per annum. The experienced professionals will be earning around 7 lakhs to 9 lakhs per annum.

Top Organisations hiring BBA Global students

Some of the organisations hiring BBA Global students are:

  • Accenture
  • IBM
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Infosys
  • TCS
  • Dell

Placement Opportunities

Some of the job roles available are:

Accountant: Accountants are professionals who are good in numbers. They are required in all the businesses irrespective of they are small or large. It may be a small provision shop owner or an owner of huge supermarkets, everyone needs an accountant to look after their earnings daily. The accountants are responsible to prepare financial documents and ensure that the tax operations go smoothly.

Financial Advisor: Financial Advisors are responsible to look after the financial health of the companies and people. The financial advisors guide the people and the companies to manage and allocate the money generated and make their businesses successful. They also help people to make smart decisions on investments and help them to become financially stable individuals.

Marketer: The marketers plan and coordinate the marketing efforts of the businesses. They are required to promote the products and create the demand in the market. They create marketing strategies for their products and try to generate demand for that product. They are also required to oversee the development of the product and monitor the marketing trends within the business targeted markets

International Commodities Trader: The international commodities traders buy and sell commodity contracts on behalf of the companies. They procure the raw materials for the company and sell the finished product to the markets. The commodity trader is essential to maintain a proper balance between the buying and selling of the goods and raw materials and also should take care of the finished products.

Loan Officer: The loan officers are required in banks and financial institutions. They are responsible to approve or deny the loans for the people and businesses. They are responsible to evaluate the eligibility of the people and business. They are responsible to maintain accurate records for the loans given to the people and ensure that the complete loan is recovered during the specified loan repayment period.

Concluding Words

The BBA Global course is a unique degree that provides a proper base for many career opportunities. The interested students who join BBA courses can have many job opportunities and can have a good career growth. They can land in many challenging roles after the BBA course and can prove themselves to reach the high levels in their careers. The BBA course not only helps the students to grow professionally but also personally.

At Galaxy Education, we help you through the process of finding and applying to the right Colleges in Bangalore. Contact us in below details to get more information on admission procedure and how to secure your seat:

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