8 Alternate career options for Law graduates

Law candidates who have successfully completed their law degree can find better careers apart from the law field. Some law candidates may not be a fan of wearing a black coat  and arguing a case in a courtroom, this article can come handy for such candidates.

It is a practice that a person with a law degree has to become a lawyer or an advocate and argue in the court. This trend has changed in recent years, with more and more growth of corporate companies, law graduates can easily find excellent jobs apart from a lawyer that pays them well.

Last updated: 23 Jun 2022

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Law graduates will be proficient with skills like language and oratory proficiency, time management, analysing skills, financial literacy, research skills and good reading habits, etc. All these above skills fetch them excellent jobs in the corporate sector.

Alternate careers available for law graduates

There are ample job opportunities available for law graduates apart from being a lawyer or an advocate. The current article tries to explore some alternate careers available for law graduates.

Let’s explore some of the professions and fields that can be pursued instead:


Most lawyers can become experts in Political and Crime journalism as they have a thorough understanding of the Indian Constitutional laws and the Indian Penal Code. The journalism degree no doubt helps to become a journalist, but a law graduate can also explore journalism as a career. The lawyer has all the unique features required to become a good journalist. The Press Trust of India (PTI) has a provision to provide an appointment for law graduates in their agency.


A teacher or professor at a law college is one of the highly respected and highly paid jobs. Law graduates with a good academic record and a Ph.D degree can become a professor in law college or university. The law Ph.D holders can also publish their research papers across platforms. The opportunities for becoming a visiting professor in private universities are increasing every year.

Writing and Blogging

Law graduates can take up writing as a profession and can even earn handsome salaries. The content writing industry in India has been booming. There is a huge demand for law related content. The law graduates can write blogs that are dedicated to Law and Law-education to emerge. Law articles are highly accepted and even pays them good salaries.

Legal Relation and Policy Analyst

Law graduates are highly valued by various businesses across different sectors. The corporate firms consider them the best advisors for policy-making of business firms. A law graduate can become a corporate policy analyst, which can be a good career choice for those who have an interest in administrative, statistical and abstract subjects such as future planning and prediction.


Law graduates can start their own law firms and law consultancies. Law graduates can work as legal experts for government sector, public sector units, private sector units, etc. Many big companies have been founded or are headed by law graduates.

Government Services

Law graduates can take competitive exams to become government employees. The government has various law offices, such as the Department of Legal Affairs and the Legislative Council under them. These offices can appoint law graduates for government services. They need Legal Advisors for the smooth running of administrative work.

Armed Services

Law graduates can even join the armed services. Law graduates can take up competitive exams and join the Indian armed forces of army, navy and air force. They can even work as legal experts or advisors for the armed forces.

Private Legal Advisors

Law graduates can even become private legal advisors, they can act as service experts, legal experts for both government and private professionals. They can earn excellent pay scales by providing legal advice. 


The above roles are some of the alternate opportunities for becoming a lawyer. The Law graduates gain an overall understanding of how the judiciary system functions in a country. The current trends have changed and people with law degrees are not required to be limited to court rooms. They have ample opportunities to explore and earn handsome salaries.

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