5 Interesting career options in real estate sector

The real estate sector is considered to be the second-highest employment generating sector in India. The real-estate sector is believed that it will contribute 13% of the country’s GDP by 2025. 

Real estate careers encompass a wide range of possibilities and are always high in demand  while real estate jobs are some of the highest-paid jobs. However, a profession in real estate does not only involve helping people buy and sell a property, but it comes with a huge plethora of real estate job options.

5 Interesting career options in real estate sector

Last updated: 20 Jun 2022

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Opportunities available in real-estate sector

There is a plethora of opportunities available in the real-estate sector across the globe. The best part of the real-estate sector is that the majority of jobs will not require any specific qualification or eligibility. But there are some jobs that require specialised people.

In this article we are trying to discuss some of the popular jobs that are available in the real-estate sector that require no eligibility of qualification. 

Let’s try to understand them 

Real Estate Agent

The real estate agent is one of the most coveted jobs in this sector. Real estate agents assist people in selling or purchasing a property. As a real-estate agent, one will be working outdoors showing homes, marketing companies’ brands, connecting people with the property they are searching for and selling/buying homes at the same time. 

The real-estate agents are not restricted to one specific set of buildings/properties, they will be taking care of all the types of commercial and domestic properties.

Property Manager

Individuals with strong sales experience are the best candidates for this position. The property managers are responsible for safeguarding the client's assets by hiring the appropriate personnel to care for them, respond to emergencies and offer timely feedback to owners and investors. 

They collaborate with real estate firms or private investors to sell and buy properties and also help investors to invest in real-estate sectors.

Real Estate Consultant

The real estate consultant is one of the most lucrative job roles that is becoming an attractive career in today's real-estate sector. Real-estate consultants are professionals who work in real-estate consultancy firms. They are responsible for giving advice and recommendations for buying, renting, leasing and selling various properties. 

Their knowledge also enables them to recognise trends and forecast the future of real estate, providing valuable information to help investors achieve their objectives.

Real Estate Appraisers

Real estate appraisers are specialists with strong accounting backgrounds who estimate the monetary value of a property. To become a real estate appraiser, one must be well versed in valuing properties based on their characteristics, location and comparison to other similar properties.

Real estate appraisers work privately, such as valuing your home before it is sold or mortgaged; or for the government, such as valuing your home for tax purposes.

Leasing Agents

The leasing agents are responsible to collaborate with property managers to identify the best tenants for their properties. They are required to manage lease signings and act as landlords on behalf of the property owners.

The leasing agents are well-known in the sector for their extensive understanding of the real estate market and their ability to provide customised solutions to questions about school districts, zoning and expansion, among other things.


The above-mentioned job roles are some of the most popular roles available in the real-estate sector. All the above-mentioned jobs do not require any specific qualification or skill set. Anybody with a passion towards the real-estate sector can take up the roles to earn handsome salaries.

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