Stipend For MD Course In Karnataka

Stipend For MD Course In Karnataka

Stipend For MD Course In Karnataka

Last updated: Jun 28, 2021


Stipend For MD Course In Karnataka

Like the colleges in other countries such as the United States of America (USA), United Kingdom, etc., colleges in India also provide their students under postgraduate a stipend. Before we talk about the topic in question, let us first describe the term Stipend. A stipend is a payment, generally a fixed regular one, where the students get a particular amount of money for certain services or scholarship, internship, apprenticeship, etc. Colleges in India also provide with a stipend for their postgraduate students. This policy of stipend is particularly important for those students who are not able to afford education in a college for further studies. Almost every college in Karnataka provides with a stipend today.

Stipend For MD Courses In Karnataka

About every college today has the provision of a stipend for the students under post graduation courses. No differentiation is made between the students under this policy. Colleges today make sure that every postgraduate student who has an internship or is under apprenticeship or service or scholarship, get their fixed amount of stipend regularly and accurately. Every few years, this stipend undergoes some changes according to the fees structure the college administration determines so that students are able to afford their desired college without any setbacks. In this year that is in 2019 the Karnataka Government has increased the stipend for PG medical courses, including MD.

As the fees the year 2021-2022 for the private colleges hiked by 15 percent and that for government colleges hiked by 5 percent, the Government implemented on a hike in Stipend for the PG medical students by 15 percent. This decision of hiking of fees aims to meet the requirements of fund of the medical colleges that are state-run so that the quality of education and training can be enhanced and facilities are extended to medical college employees also. It was reported that the state-run medical colleges were suffering from the rough financial crisis which was bothering the employees and students at the institutions. This caused the authorities to increase the stipend provided to the students. The hike in stipend ranges from INR 5,000 to INR 10,000. Accordingly, the current stipend for PG medical students stands as follows

  1. For PG first-year students- Rs 30,000
  2. For PG second-year students- Rs 35,000
  3. For PG third-year students- Rs 40,000

Why Is Stipend Important For Students?

The presence of stipend is extremely important for the students enrolled in the colleges. The colleges that have a provision for stipend becomes a better point of attraction for a larger number of students who are unable to afford the normal fees structure of the colleges. When students are aware of the upcoming services and responsibilities expected on their part, they tend to become more dedicated and concentrate on their education. This causes growth in the college as well as the individual students. Students would always prefer to choose those colleges that offer a stipend to the students than those who do not. Make your decision wisely!

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