Post-pandemic crisis shows a grim future of higher education for students

Post-pandemic crisis shows a  grim future of higher education for students


Last updated: 08 Mar 2022


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The covid pandemic has slowed down the implementation of the National Education Policy even after 1-year of its implementation across the country.  Many initiatives under NEP are facing a burn due to the lack of funds. One of the initiatives under NEP 2020 was the merger of schools and Anganwadis. The pandemic gave us an opportunity to implement this policy where many schools and anganwadis were merged.

The pandemic has increased the drop-out rate due to lack of infrastructure especially in the hilly areas across the country. Two batches of 5-year olds are yet to attend the schools, this has increased the illiteracy rates. About 8 to 10 crores children are still illiterate and the pandemic has increased this 

Further, many out of the school girls  had to face early marriage or even trafficking as they were not able to join the higher studies due to the pandemic. While boys are dropping out from the schools in the pandemic. Sometimes,  While the online coaching “industry” has surged exponentially, becoming a wildcard factor whose relations with the formal schooling system remain undefined. All these issues has hampered the smooth implementation of  the NEP 2020  effectively across the country according to the experts

The education budget rose by 12 % this year but there were many cuts in other areas like educational incentive for girls is discontinued, the mid-day meals budget allocation has been slashed etc. It has been observed that the nutrition levels in many children has declined and has child growth and nutrition levels in the pandemic.

The experts claim that the funding was largely focused on a handful of institutions, through what may be called the ranking syndrome. Allocations for IITs, IIMs, IISERs. The NEP 2020 was side-lined by the government as funds were diverted for development of IITs and NITs.

The educational experts urged the government to take necessary steps to implement NEP 2020 across the country effectively and also requested the government to allocate sufficient funds for the same.

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