KEA Second Round Seat Allotment UG NEET 2023

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Last updated: 31 Aug 2023


The Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA) is pleased to announce the commencement of the second round of seat allotment for various courses. In this round, you have the opportunity to prioritise your options based on your preferences. Feel free to modify, delete, alter, or re-order your choices, allowing you to tailor your selections to your aspirations.

For Choice-3 candidates, with your best interests in mind, we're displaying all options entered during the first round except the allotted one. This provides you the chance to make adjustments as needed. The second-round seat allotment will be determined by the final options you submit and your merit.

We strongly advise you to consider revising your options, even if the currently available seats don't seem ideal. There could be vacancies that arise during the process, and by choosing your preferred options, you enhance your chances of securing a more favourable seat.

It's important to note that any consequential vacancies arising after your initial merit/turn in the allotment cannot be claimed.

After the publication of the second-round seat allotment results, you won't have the option to make further changes. It's vital that candidates secure admission in the allotted college once the results are out, as you won't have additional choices. We recommend entering options in order of priority, as seat allotments are determined by both merit and your selected priorities.

Candidates who have been allocated medical seats in either the First Round (Choice 1 & 2) or the Second Round aren't eligible for the medical mop-up round. They also cannot participate in the UGCET-2023 second round or second extended round for engineering, architecture, agriculture, veterinary, and other courses.

Furthermore, Choice-3 candidates who are allotted medical seats won't be eligible for the medical mop-up round or subsequent rounds (2 or 2nd extended) of engineering, architecture, farm science, veterinary, etc UG CET seat allotment.

If the candidates are assigned a medical seat in the second round, candidates will also be ineligible for the medical mop-up round or any further rounds of (2nd or 2nd extended) engineering, architecture, farm science, veterinary, etc UG CET seat allotment.

Please be aware that if any candidate fails to report to the college after seat allotment in the Second Round, legal action will be taken in accordance with the law.

For Choice 2 candidates from the First Round, should you be allotted a seat in this round, your First-Round seat will be added to the seat matrix immediately and offered to the next eligible candidates based on options and priority.

As you modify your options, please only choose those superior to your allotted seat. If a modified or added option is allotted, your previous seat will be forfeited. If no seats are available, your initial seat will be retained.

For CHOICE 2 candidates, the seat allotted in the First Round will be considered the last option. Please submit your options carefully, understanding that the First-Round seat will become your last option.

For CHOICE-3 candidates participating in this round without holding any seat from the first round, if you are allotted a seat, it will be confirmed in your favour. If no seat is allotted, you will not have a seat.

All previously entered options except the allotted one will be displayed for alteration. You can modify, delete, or re-order these options. Ensure that the options you provide are better than your allotted seat and that you are willing to join the college/course if the seat is allotted.

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