First Round Schedule for Medical and Dental UGNEET-2022

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Last updated: 05 Nov 2022


On 30-10-2022, Karnataka Examinations Authority Website hosted the seat matrix issued by the Government for Medical and Dental Courses. After verifying the seat matrix, candidates are advised to enter the options in the order of priority. For detailed information candidates can refer to the UGNEET-2022 Information Bulletin.

First round option entry and seat allotment schedule is given below:


Calendar of Events

Date & Time


Downloading of Verification Slip-  Read the instructions given in the information bulletin (UGCET-2022 verified and non-karnataka eligible candidates) 

From 06:00 PM on 04-11-2022 to 06-11-2022 11:00 AM


Option entry by eligible candidates (in the order of preference)

From 08:00 PM on 04-11-2022 to 06-11-2022 up to 06:00 PM


Publication of Mock allotment Results

07-11-2022 after 11:00 AM


Provision to change option entry by eligible candidates (add/ alter/ rearrange/ delete the options)

Up to 07:00 PM on 07-11-2022


Publication of First round allotment Result

08-11-2022 after 01:00 PM.

The options entered by the candidate for the first round will remain the same for the subsequent round of seat allotment. The candidates cannot enter their options again. Option Entry done before the first round will remain as the final list of options. The priority of options entered by the candidate will be shown on the option entry module by obtaining the candidate credentials in the subsequent round. Candidates may delete or alter the order of higher options. Candidates are allowed to add new options for any colleges and courses that are added to the seat matrix after the first round.

Additional Instructions for Entering Medical/Dental Options:

  1. Before entering the options for medical and dental courses, kindly note that each college has four different categories of seats (Except Government Colleges)
    1. Government College seats and Government Quota seats in Private Colleges - “G” seats
    2. Private Seats - “P” seats
    3. NRI Seats - “N” seats
    4. Others - “Q” seats
  2. Similarly, each category of seats has a separate fee structure (Government, Private, NRI, Others). Also note that the seats in the Government colleges are also categorised as G seats. However the fee structure for G seats in Government Colleges & G seats in Private Colleges will be different.
  3. The College codes ending with “....MG” indicates Government seats in Government Colleges and Government share of seats in Private Colleges; the college codes ending with “....MP” indicates Private seats ; the college codes ending with “....MN” indicates NRI seats and the college codes ending with “....MQ” indicates Other seats.
  4. Candidates who wish to enter the options please ascertain the college, course and category seats (G,P,N,Q) and act accordingly.
  5. Types of candidates who are eligible to enter the options for four different types of category of seats in a college, kindly read this information bulletin.

Candidates interested to know more about UGNEET-2022 first round schedule can contact us on +91 9916505050/+91 8088602346. They can also email us at or can also reach us as for more details.

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