NEP has brought international education to the forefront: University of Essex officials

NEP has brought international education to the forefront: University of Essex officials


Last updated: 02 Jul 2022


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A 22-member UK University delegation visited India early in June to explore opportunities under the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. The University of Essex was one of the major stakeholders in the UK delegation of members. The University of Essex officials stated that the NEP has brought international education to the forefront and has opened vast avenues for Indian students for abroad education.

The Director of Communications and External Relations from the University of Essex, Vanessa Potter, along with the university’s Director of Student Recruitment and Partnerships, Sandeep Sharma, stated that they were more than glad to catch up with them and learn about all that the University of Essex has been up to, specifically when it comes to India. 

The University of Essex delegation further stated that their success in the field of research is well-known. They further stated that their strengths will surely help them attract the 2,000 Indian students they hope to attract in the academic year 2022-2023. Also, the array of scholarships they offer will surely help.

The officials further added that the new NEP changes everything around partnerships. What the National Education Policy has done is that it has brought international education to the forefront. It has also created a really big opportunity for British universities, especially for Essex, because we have had our presence in India for ten years.

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