Last Minute Tips for Class 10th Board Exams

Last Minute Tips for Class 10th Board Exams


Last updated: 22 Apr 2022


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The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will conduct the Class 10 Term-II board exams from April 26 onwards. Due to the less time the students are bound to get anxious, the following tips can help the students to overcome the anxiety and fear of exams.

Use Optimal time for reading

The students are advised to use time optimally to read and comprehend each question, try to understand what the question expects you to answer. Some of the words like enlist, illustrate, reason, explain or enumerate should be highlighted as that is where students miss out. The reading time is essential so that the students can think about the answer structure and the answer attempting time is not wasted.

Be aware of the weightage 

Every section has different weightage of marks, the students should be aware of this before starting to write the answers. The students are advised to answer as per the weightage of the question and try to avoid lengthy answers. The students should write specific to the point and according to the weightage instead of over-explaining and over-elaborating so that time is not wasted.

Revise Thoroughly

Revision is very important when it comes to scoring the marks, many students tend to revise in a hurried manner and this should be avoided. Give sufficient time for revision so that it stays in the memory. The revision process should not be ignored as it helps students in being more confident about the answers and saves them from making mistakes

Write Legibly

The students should have good handwriting and should write legibly. This helps the evaluator to read your answer so that you can gain better marks. Bad handwriting annoys the evaluator as he/she may not be able to understand your writing. The evaluator may end up giving lesser marks despite the answer being correct.

Be Confident 

Confidence is the key to succeed in life, be confident about your preparation and always trust your preparation to write with confidence. Don’t be over confident as this may affect your performance in the exam. It is always important to believe in yourself and your abilities so that it is reflected in your answers as well. Always perform to the best of your capabilities with confidence and you can perform well in the exam to score better than others.

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