Karnataka HC directs the medical education department to make a decision on a nursing diploma

Karnataka HC directs the medical education department to make a decision on a nursing diploma


Last updated: 13 Apr 2022


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According to the Karnataka High Court, the Department of Medical Education must consider 25 petitions from nursing institutions seeking clearance or recognition to launch new General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM) courses in 2021-22 and must notify them of the outcome within eight weeks.

Justice P Krishna Bhat stated that in the light of the peculiar facts of this case, namely that petitioners filed applications in 2019 themselves but never got them considered and dismissed  the petition filed by JPI Dass School of Nursing and other 24 nursing schools from the city. There should be sufficient reasons for granting or refusing approval provided in the order.

Applicants who wanted to start a Diploma in GNM course in 2019 applied for recognition for the 2019-20 academic year. The respondents, the Karnataka State Nursing Council and the Department of Medical Education, did not decide whether to approve the proposal.

The Hon'ble Karnataka High Court further highlighted the concern that the shaky healthcare system in the country has been exposed by the Covid-19 outbreak. The economic downturn has brought attention back to the health sector's numerous problems, including poor investment and a shortage of physicians and paramedics. Paramedics and nurses have also become increasingly important during medical emergencies due to the pandemic.

Over the next decade, the long-term trend of aging populations and rising incomes are expected to grow the greatest demand for health care workers, technicians, wellness occupations, nurses and other health professionals. During the period from 2018 to 2030, net employment changes for health professionals will be 112 percent, according to the McKinsey Global Institute's "Future of Work after COVID-19."

Based on the petitioners' applications, the Karnataka State Nursing Council presented the ideas to the Department of Medical Education's high power committee, but no decision was reached.

They even presented this problem to the medical system, requesting a quick decision on diploma recognition in order to bridge the gap post-COVID-19.

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