Ireland’s education system has established a tradition of academic excellence

Ireland’s education system has established a tradition of academic excellence


Last updated: 22 Apr 2022


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Ireland has given rise to a unique concept called “Academic Excellence” in the education system. According to the latest edition of QS World University Rankings 2022, Trinity College Dublin scored better on parameters of international student ratio than the USA’s Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), which is the world’s top-ranked university. Trinity College Dublin achieved a score of 94.2, whereas MIT stood at 91.4. While, the top three universities in Ireland, Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin and the National University of Ireland Galway, have an international faculty ratio score of 99.9, 99.2, and 90.6 respectively.

According to Barry O’Driscoll, the regional manager (India, Sri Lanka and Mexico, Colombia) at Education in Ireland, the Irish education system consistently ranks in the top 10 globally, with an established tradition of academic excellence that creates career-ready graduates with unique skills and qualifications. Moreover the ireland universities have more than 5000 diverse courses in Data Science, Big Data, Humanities, Computer Science, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Digital Marketing, Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence that are globally recognised.

Further he stated that Ireland is known to have one of the most stable, competitive, secure and pro-business economies, which presents a perfect backdrop for students looking to grow their careers. The cost and living expenses are lower when compared to other popular study destinations such as the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States. Ireland also offers a range of merit-based scholarships for aspiring Indian students at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

He also stated that Ireland's learning system is one that is uniquely comprehensive, with a practical approach to learning through opportunities for internships with local companies. The employability rate of most Irish institutions is 80-96 per cent and it is predicted  that there will be a continuing need for graduates of various disciplines across sectors in the future.

The number of Indian students choosing to pursue their higher education in Ireland has been steadily increasing over the decade. Today nearly up to 5,000 students have chosen to study in Ireland compared to 100 students in 2009.

He further added that there is a steady and strong demand for graduates of specialised disciplines in Ireland, particularly for those pursuing STEM subjects such as science, ICT, technology, finance, mechanical, software and electrical engineering. Job prospects are promising for those looking to grow in the IT sector. The Indian students are usually inclined towards popular courses like engineering, biotechnology, computers, marketing, business, pharmacy, nursing, law and communications.

He also stated that all the major players in ICT and technology are present in Ireland and those graduating from Ireland’s universities and colleges are then well placed to seek opportunities in these industries.

He further stated that many of the Irish universities are providing guidance and support to incoming international students in relation to airport arrival, immigration procedures, transport, accommodation and accessing student support services if required.

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