IBM is eager to share its expertise in cyber security and AI with the Karnataka government.

IBM is eager to share its expertise in cyber security and AI with the Karnataka government.


Last updated: 14 Apr 2022


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A high-level IBM team met with Dr. C. N. Ashwath Narayan, Minister for IT-BT, Science, and Technology, at the Vikasa Soudha in Bengaluru on Tuesday, expressing interest in sharing expertise with the Karnataka government inside the areas of cyber security and artificial intelligence (AI) 

The IBM delegation of three members, led by Sandip Patil, managing director, IBM South Asia, informed the minister that the business will assist the government in developing a cyber-security policy. During the discussion, Dr C N Ashwathnarayan stated that the government will seek the company's assistance in aspects of cyber security. 

IBM has created a Security Command Centre in Bengaluru, according to Sandip Patil, to strengthen the industry's cyber resilience and capacity development. He said the business will discuss the capabilities of the new facility with the government, including potential strategic partnership possibilities for developing efficient cyber incident response and that the company was prepared to educate government personnel in this area if necessary. 

Mr. Sandip Patil believes that ensuring proper cyber security would be a difficult task in the coming days and that it is critical to attack the problem head on. He stated that the corporation will offer the government with all necessary support in creating a cyber-security policy. 

Meanwhile, members of the Karnataka Milk Federation and other co-operative organizations have expressed interest in collaborating with IBM, according to Dr C N Ashwathnarayan. Mr. Sandip Patil praised the state government's move to empower 14 government-run engineering institutions, adding that the government had enlisted IBM's help in developing a curriculum and research programme for engineering students. 

Mr. Sandip Patil underlined IBM's willingness to assist in raising education quality to international levels and increasing the employability of the state's youth. IBM plans to improve all of the state's Atal Tinkering Labs, according to Patil, who expressed hope that the government will help. 

Meanwhile, Dr C N Ashwathnarayan revealed that IBM has agreed to work with government to modernize the Sri Krishnarajendra Silver Jubilee Technological Institute in Bengaluru. He stated that the government and the firm will negotiate the details of the collaboration soon.

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