Top Mcom Banking, Finance and Insurance Colleges in Bangalore

Mcom Banking, Finance and Insurance (Master of commerce in Banking, Finance and Insurance)
Commerce is the conduct of trade among economic agents. Generally, commerce refers to the exchange of goods, services or something of value, between businesses or entities. from a broad perspective, nations are concerned with managing commerce in a way that enhances the well-being of citizens, by providing jobs and producing beneficial goods and services.

Banking is about study of different aspects of banking like security analysis, derivatives markets, financial management, risk management etc. Finance deals with different subjects like accounting, management and economics. The insurance deals with the knowledge of various insurance policies and premium amounts that are offered by the banks and financial institutions.

List of Top Mcom Banking, Finance and Insurance Colleges in Bangalore

    List of MCom Banking, Finance and Insurance colleges

  • Jain University
    Jain University

    Course name: MCom Banking, Finance and Insurance


    Jain University

    Eligibility: The minimum qualification required to apply is a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university. However the candidate should have studied Mathematics / Business Mathematics/ Statistics / Information Technology / Computer Science / Computer Application. The student must have qualified in a national level entrance test like PGCET / KMAT / or Jain Entrance Test.

    Duration: 2 years, Full Time, Post graduate Programme

    Campus Location: School of Commerce Studies #44/4, District Fund Road Jayanagar 9th Block Bangalore - 560069


    Distance From Bangalore Airport to College : 16.4 km
    Distance From Bangalore Railway Station to College : 18 km

Top Mcom Banking, Finance and Insurance Colleges in Bangalore

Top Mcom Banking, Finance and Insurance Colleges in Bangalore

Last updated: Oct 29, 2020


Mcom Banking, Finance and Insurance course details

Duration 2 years 
Level Master Programme
Mode of Admission Merit /Management
Fee Detail Rs. 80,000 to Rs. 2,00,000 per annum.
Admission Process Merit- Interested candidates can apply once the college applications are open.
Management- Students looking for Management seats can go for Direct Admission.

Placement of Mcom Banking, Finance and Insurance

There is huge demand for M.Com graduates in the banking, finance and insurance sectors. The skilled professionals are hired in top management positions and are highly paid by the organisations.

select_all Benefits of Mcom Banking, Finance and Insurance

The students of M.Com Banking, Finance & insurance will be enjoying the following advantages in their careers.

  1. Greater Employment Opportunities: The M.Com Banking, Finance & Insurance degree opens doors to different sectors of the economy. The M.Com post graduates are hired in both government and private sectors. The M.Com postgraduates are required wherever accounts are involved. No matter a small company or a huge enterprise, every organization has an accounts department and M.Com postgraduates are hired to those departments.

  2. Greater Career Advancements: Earning a M.Com Banking, Finance & Insurance degree is the evidence of various qualities like persistence, determination, intellectual prowess, ability to handle challenging environments etc. The M.Com students will be trained on all these aspects and the employers look for such qualities in the students. So, M.Com postgraduates have opportunities to advance more in their careers.

  3. Vast Career Choice: The M.Com Banking, Finance & Insurance postgraduates have vast career opportunities. They have a vibrant career choice after completion of M.Com course. They can join banks or financial institutions, or practice Chartered Accountancy (CA), they can even become lecturers and they can join to doctorate programmes and pursue research in the field of commerce, they can also join ICWAI and join various organizations as company secretaries.

  4. Vast job Profiles: The M.Com Banking, Finance & Accountancy postgraduates can land in various job roles soon after the completion of the master’s degree. Some of the job roles available after M.Com are: Senior Accountant, Senior Auditor, Consultant, Company Secretary, Business Analyst, Finance Officer, Sales Analyst, Junior Analyst, Tax Accountant, Stockbroker, Economist, Business Development Manager and many more

  5. Vast Job areas: The M.Com Banking, Finance & Insurance students can find job opportunities in vast areas of the businesses. They are required at every organization where accounts play a crucial role and are largely hired in the account departments at various positions.  The M.Com students can find job opportunities in Banks, Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, Business Consultancies, Educational Institutes, Industrial Houses, Public Accounting Firms, Policy Planning, Foreign Trade, International Banks, Budget Planning, Inventory control, Merchant Banking, Marketing, Working Capital Management, Treasury & Forex Departments, Investment Banking firms and many more.

Top Recruiters for Mcom Banking, Finance and Insurance students

Some of the job roles available are:

Investment Consultant: The investment consultants can work with a big international financial firm. As an investment consultant one will be advising clients on investment strategies depending upon their needs and long-term goals. Investment consultants also have to create quarterly and annual performance reports to monitor client’s investment.

Average salary for an investment consultant will be around 5 lakhs to 10 lakhs per annum.

Senior Accountant: The senior accountants prepare financial statements and documents by performing balance sheet, revenue, expense and payroll account reconciliations. They also mentor junior accountants under them. They usually work in organisations accounts departments

Average salary for a senior accountant will be around 5 lakhs to 7 lakhs per annum.

Loan/Credit Officer: The Loan officer’s job is evaluating loan applications and documentation by confirming their credit worthiness. The loan officers are responsible for assessing the client’s financial status so they can accept or reject their loan application. If a loan is accepted then they issue cheques to the customers.

Average salary for a loan/credit officer will be around 5 lakhs to 10 lakhs per annum.

Sales Officer: The sales officer job sounds very easy as your main responsibility is to get more and more customers to open a bank account (current and savings) with the bank you are working for. However, the pressure is great because the sales officers have to generate leads and find prospects for an organisation. They are given a target for each day and they are required to achieve those targets.

Average salary for a sales officer will be around 6 lakhs to 12 lakhs per annum.

Financial Analyst: The financial analyst is responsible for consolidating and analysing data to provide exact information on a company’s profitability, solvency and stability. The financial analysts will do research, write papers and help the company to make well-informed decisions.

Average salary for a financial analyst will be around 8 lakhs to 12 lakhs per annum.

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