Which is Better: MBBS or BDS?

Which is Better: MBBS or BDS?

Last updated: 10 Mar 2022

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The results of NEET-UG 2021 exam are out and many candidates aspiring to Top MBBS Colleges in Bangalore will be confused after getting their rankings. The candidates will be in a state of confusion of which college to choose or which course to choose etc. It is quite obvious that the students who have given the NEET-UG 2021 Exam will be aspiring to MBBS or BDS courses. The aspirants will be in dilemma to choose MBBS or BDS course

Let’s try to understand in detail about both MBBS and BDS courses in this article

MBBS Vs BDS: The Course Overview

MBBS and BDS are undergraduate courses available after the completion of PUC or 12th from recognised boards. In both MBBS and BDS the students have to qualify the NEET-UG 2021 exam.  Let’s try to understand more about both the courses.


  • The Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) is a popular professional degree programme to  be pursued after PUC or Class 12th 
  • The aspirants who complete MBBS degree are termed as doctors and are eligible to practice allopathic medicine and surgery and are qualified to practice as physicians
  • The MBBS course is a 4.5 years long undergraduate course, they are also required to undergo 1-year mandatory internship in registered hospitals, clinics, primary health care centres etc 
  • The MBBS course trains the students on diverse topics related to medical science and surgery
  • The candidates interested to pursue a fruitful career as a doctor then he/she has to join the MBBS degree.


  • The Bachelor of Dental Surgery BDS is one of the most promising career options in the medical field
  • The BDS course is a 4-years duration followed by the one-year mandatory internship programme in dentistry education that is to be done in registered dental clinics, dental hospitals, nursing homes etc
  • The candidates completing the BDS degree are known as dental doctors and are qualified to practice as a dentist. 
  • The BDS students are trained in detail about the dental treatments, dental medicine and dental surgery. 
  • The candidates interested to pursue a excellent career in dental science then he/she should join to BDS degree

Career & Job Scope

Both MBBS and BDS have excellent career opportunities for the candidates, lets try to understand both of them in detail


  • After completion of MBBS, the candidates can join as junior doctors in hospitals and clinics for a decent salary
  • They can even start small clinics in neighbourhood and practice medicine and can have decent earning
  • If they are interested, they can join to MD (Doctor of Medicine) or MS (Master of Surgery) courses, they can choose from wide variety of specialisations such as Cardiology, Nephrology, Neurology, Gynaecology, Paediatrics, etc 
  • The MD or MS candidates can easily earn handsome salaries that ranges from 10 lakh to 30 lakh per annum


  • Once a student completes his/her BDS course successfully, they can start working as a dentist. 
  • The BDS students have always have better edge over MBBS students as there is no severe competition from MBBS students especially at the setting up of the clinics in the neighbourhood
  • The BDS students can even start their clinics in the neighbourhood to earn better due to less competition
  • It is also found that BDS degree students earn better when compared to MBBS students in the clinical atmosphere 
  • After completion of BDS, the students can join to MDS by choosing his/her interested specialisations such as: Dental Surgeon, Endodontics, Oral and Maxillofacial Pathologist, Oral Surgeon, Orthodontics and more
  • The MDS students can easily earn about 15 lakhs to 25 lakhs per annum

Which is the best? MBBS or BDS courses

It is very difficult to tell which is better among the MBBS and BDS courses. Both the courses are equally competitive and both will fetch good earnings. The MBBS doctor is responsible for all the organs of the human body, while the BDS doctors are experts in dental treatments and surgery. 

The choice totally depends upon the candidates, if he/she is interested to become a normal physician and practice general medicine, then he/she can go for MBBS. If the candidates are interested in becoming a dental doctor, then BDS will be the best choice.

The students interested can get more details about MBBS and BDS courses by calling us at +91 9916505050/ 8088602346 or email us at galaxyeduworld@gmail.com for more details.

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