What is the Scope for B.Sc Perfusion Technology in India?

Scope for B.Sc Perfusion Technology

Last updated: 10 Nov 2021

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What is a B.Sc Perfusion Technology course?

The term perfusion technology is a commonly used term in the medical field. The perfusion technology is related to the circulatory and respiratory systems of the human body. 

  • The B.Sc Perfusion Technology is the new branch of the medical field that is gaining importance in recent years. 
  • The perfusion technologists are the most important professionals in the medical and healthcare industry. 
  • The main role of the perfusion technologists is to support the patients with external hearts with the help of machines that mimic the typical human heart. 
  • The B.Sc Perfusion technology students are mandatorily required in the operation theatres where many heart-patients undergo life-threatening surgeries on the surgical desks. 
  • The B.Sc perfusion technologists are largely required in open-heart surgeries, thoracic vascular surgeries etc.
  • The B.Sc Perfusion Technology students are mainly hired in the team of surgical experts in the hospitals. 
  • The B.Sc Perfusion perfusion technologists are themselves the qualified doctors to participate in the complex heart surgeries conducted in the hospitals
  • The perfusion technologists play a particular role in the surgeries by supporting the patients on the surgical desk.  
  • The B.Sc perfusion technology students are expert professionals who work with the sophisticated equipment that mimics the human circulatory and respiratory systems. 
  • The perfusion technologists are essential to set up and monitor these machines that provide external circulation to the patients during major heart surgeries.
  • The perfusion technologists continuously monitor the reports generated by the equipment and update the same to the surgeons throughout the surgery. 
  • The perfusion technologists should be capable of analysing the readings and communicate the same to the surgical team throughout the surgery. 
  • The perfusion technologists should have an excellent eye for detail. 
  • The perfusion technologists should be extremely careful while monitoring and analysing the information generated by the machine. 
  • The perfusion technologists should have an excellent presence of mind and should be capable of adjusting the settings of the machines instantly according to the situation.

Who can choose to pursue B.Sc. Perfusion technologists?

The criteria for joining B.Sc Perfusion Technology course are given below:

  • The student should be a team player and should be capable to work in a team of experts
  • The students should have a keen eye of observation
  • The students should possess the analytical thinking capacity, problem-solving skills, decision-making skills etc
  • The students should be diligent and tactful to take the details and capable to report accurate information to the surgical team
  • The students who can handle the pressure and withstand the stress and work efficiently

How to apply for admission in a B.Sc Perfusion Technology Course?

The students who have completed their PUC or 10+2 in science stream  with Physics, Chemistry Biology and who have scored 50% aggregate marks from recognised boards are eligible to apply for B.Sc Perfusion Technology course.

The students with relevant qualifications can join the B.Sc Perfusion Technology course by two modes. The first one is Merit based admission and the second one is direct admission

1. Merit Admission

  • There are many top educational institutes that conduct entrance exams for the B.Sc Perfusion Technology course. 
  • This mode is called the merit admission mode and the entrance exams are conducted to select the serious and hardworking students from the group of non-serious candidates to the available limited number of seats in the colleges. 
  • The qualified students are allotted the merit seats and are given admission, the fees are fairly nominal for merit admissions.

The students who are interested in Merit are required to Apply Online at official Website

2. NRI Quota/ Management Admission  

  • The students have another option of getting admission to B.Sc Perfusion Technology course by NRI/Management admission process. 
  • Under the NRI/Management quota admission, the students will be getting assured admissions to desired colleges even before the starting of academic year
  • The NRI/Management admission students enjoy many special privileges like they are not required to apply for any institution-based entrance exam for getting admissions. 
  • The students who are interested in NRI/Management are required to Apply Online at official Website
  • The students who are interested in NRI/Management Quota are required to Apply Online at official Website

How Galaxy Education helps with the admission process for B.Sc Renal Dialysis in India?

  • Galaxy Education is one of the top educational advisory councils in Bangalore. 
  • Galaxy Education helps the students with admission process for B.Sc Renal Dialysis in abroad  also
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  • Over a legacy of 17 years, we have successfully provided admissions to more than 1,00,000 students across different colleges and have even assisted them with excellent placement opportunities.
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  • The team at Galaxy Education will assist the students will all the top trending courses under health sciences  
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  • The team at Galaxy Education helps the students by providing them with the list of B.Sc Perfusion Technology colleges in Bangalore and assist them to choose the right college for them
  • The students can expect a hassle-free admission to their chosen B.Sc perfusion technology course without any hurdles with Galaxy Education

Career opportunity after B.Sc Perfusion Technology

There are numerous career options available after the completion of the B.Sc. Perfusion technology. 

  • The advancement of medical science has increased the lifespan of people and this has resulted in the development of many heart-related ailments.
  • The perfusion technologists are hired in large numbers across various sectors of health care.
  • The B.Sc Perfusion technology students are required in government hospitals, private hospitals, nursing homes, multi-speciality hospitals, community health care centres, trauma care centres etc. 
  • The B.Sc Perfusion technology students are also hired in the companies that produce and distribute the sophisticated equipment related to the heart and lungs.

Salary package for B.Sc Perfusion Technologists

  • The B.Sc Perfusion Technology salary varies according to skills and experience of students. 
  • The freshly hired graduates will be earning around 3 LPA to 5 LPA 
  • The experienced professionals will be earning about 5 LPA to 7 LPA 
  • The perfusion technology monthly salary usually varies from Rs 20,000 to Rs 40,000 per month

What can I do after B.Sc Perfusion Technology?

  • The students have ample job roles available soon after the B.Sc Perfusion technology course. 
  • The students of B.Sc Perfusion Technology can join the M.Sc Perfusion Technology course or other master’s courses in allied health sciences courses that are relevant to the heart and circulatory system in the human body like M.Sc Cardiac Care etc.

Job Roles available after B.Sc Perfusion technology

There are ample job roles available soon after the completion of the B.Sc Perfusion technology. The students of B.Sc Perfusion Technology are majorly hired in healthcare industries and hospitals

Some of the job roles available are:

Cardiac Perfusionists

  • The cardiac care professionals will assist in the surgical procedures of the heart and lungs. 
  • The cardiac care professionals are responsible for restoring the patient’s respiratory and circulatory capacities in complex surgeries. 
  • The cardiac care professionals are skilled and are responsible to keep the patients alive until the completion of the surgery.

Medical Case Review Physician

  • The medical case review physicians are responsible to audit the medical records and ensure that the records are complete and accurate. 
  • The medical case review physician should maintain error-free analysis reports to enhance the quality of care and the credibility of the hospital. 
  • The medical case review physician should be ready to provide the reports of the patients whenever the physicians ask for.

Perfusionists in Intensive Care Units (ICU)

  • The perfusionists are responsible to monitor the patient's respiratory and circulatory parameters and ensure that they are stable. 
  • The perfusionists are required to provide treatments for the speedy recovery of the patients and help them to wean from the ventilators. 
  • The perfusionists are the most responsible professionals who have expertise in analysing the parameters of the vital organs of the patients.

Assistant Perfusion Technologists

  • The perfusion technologists are part of the surgical team in the hospitals. 
  • The perfusion technologists are responsible to provide accurate information about the various parameters of the heart and lungs of the patients throughout the surgeries. 
  • They should adjust the machine according to the requirements and quickly analyse the reports and inform the surgeons instantly during surgeries.

Business Development Executives

  • The B.Sc Perfusion technology students are also hired in the companies and factories that market and produce the heart-lung machines and many other sophisticated types of equipment related to the heart and lungs.
  • The main roles and responsibilities of these perfusion technology professionals; is that they should carry out quality assurance tasks before the delivery of the equipment to the clients.
  • They should perform a complete calibration of the equipment and should ensure that the accurate results are generated.

Placement Opportunities

  • The B.Sc Perfusion Technology students are mainly hired in the hospitals and health care industries. 
  • The increase in the lifespan of the people due to the medical advancements has given more scope to the B.Sc Perfusion Technology students. 
  • The increased lifespan has resulted in the development of many heart-ailments. 
  • Many surveys claim that on an average there will be around 10 million surgeries taking place across the different countries. 
  • This means that the requirement for more skilled professionals with B.Sc Perfusion Technology degree is more. 

Some of the organizations hiring B.Sc Perfusion Technologists are:

  • Medtronic
  • Fortis Healthcare
  • Manipal Hospitals
  • Columbia Asia Hospitals
  • Aster HealthCare
  • Global Hospitals
  • Max Hospitals
  • Apollo Hospitals
  • Medanta Health City
  • HCG Global
  • Metro Hospitals
  • Hosmet Hospitals
  • Wockhardt Hospitals 


We should understand that every degree has its importance and has its benefits. Every degree provides ample job opportunities for the students and gives them a large scope for career growth. The best-performing students can always land in fruitful careers and can reach great heights. All depends on the dedication and interest of the students.

In the same way the B.Sc Perfusion Technology students can also find good scope and excellent job opportunities in the field.

At Galaxy Education, we help you through the process of finding and applying to the right Colleges in Bangalore. Contact us in below details to get more information on admission procedure and how to secure your seat:

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