Science Vs Commerce: Which is Better?

Science Vs Commerce: Which is Better?

Last updated: 24 Dec 2021

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Science stream and commerce stream are the most popular areas of study among Indian students. Many students will be in a state of confusion after their SSLC or Class 10th about choosing which stream Science or Commerce. In this article we try to help the students to make their right choice according to their interests

Both science and commerce are the most popular areas of study by majority of students. The job opportunities are ample in both the fields. Science and commerce fields offer excellent career growth and excellent positions for the students.  

Science field is basically necessary for the students who wish to join science related courses like MBBS, B. Tech, B.Sc etc. if the students have inclination towards these areas of study then science is the best choice. On the other hand, commerce is best suited for the students who wish to grow in the fields of finance, management, business, entrepreneurship, etc. Commerce can be the first stepping stone towards their aims. 

In both the cases the career growth is extremely fruitful and offers excellent avenues to grow in the career and reach top positions and draw handsome salaries.

Difference between Science & Commerce 





Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Mathematics

Economics, Business, Accounting, Mathematics

Best for

Engineering, Technology or Medicine-related careers

Business, Entrepreneurship, Management or Accounting-related careers

Difficulty Level

Rigorous than commerce

Considered easier than Science

Main focus

Scientific formulas, equations, maths-oriented, experiments

Theory-based and mathematical 


Engineer, IT Analyst, Research Scientist, Doctor, etc.

Manager, CA, CS, Economist, Research Associate

Courses after 12th

BTech, MBBS, BE, BSc


Career in Science vs Commerce

Career scope is extremely well for both science and commerce students. In both the cases the students can find ample job opportunities in both India and abroad. Both the fields provide stable careers for the students.

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Scope of Science

The science stream is the combination of both theoretical and practical study and has excellent avenues for the students to choose from. 

Some of the areas of study for science  students are:

  • Medicine
  • Nursing
  • Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Biotechnology
  • Pharmacy
  • Architecture

The salary prospects for science students range from 4 Lakhs to 20 Lakhs per annum, depending upon the field chosen by the students.

Scope of Commerce

With a commerce degree, the students can join different fields related to finance, management and economics etc. The students from commerce background can take up different areas of study like:

  • BBA
  • B.Com
  • BA Economics
  • BMS
  • CA

The salary prospects for commerce students ranges from 4 Lakhs to 20 Lakhs per annum, depending upon the field chosen by the students.

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Benefits of Studying Science

  • The science field is basically practically oriented and develops the students to become employable by developing practical skills.
  • In case of Engineering, the students are trained with skill based approach and develops the scientific knowledge in the students
  • In case of medicine the students are trained in a practical atmosphere to treat the patients with proper medication and treatments.
  • In case of pharmacy the students are trained on medicinal drugs and practical medication

Benefits of Studying Commerce

  • A career in commerce will develop the candidates with skills and knowledge of finance, management and economics
  • The commerce field trains the students with the knowledge of markets and consumers can help you build your own business.
  • The students are trained with management skills that are required to do business.
  • The students will get a chance to study about shares, funds and stock markets etc

Which to choose: Science or Commerce?

This is the common question that rises in every student after they complete their SSLC or Class 10th. It is quite difficult to choose between the two lucrative careers, but science and commerce are equally good. Both the fields offer excellent careers and best growth opportunities for the skilled students in their respective fields. The interest depends upon the students and  With proper guidance from the experts from Galaxy Education the students will be out of confusion, so they can make right decisions that suit them.


Both science and commerce courses are lucrative and provide wide career avenues for the students. The students can choose the course that suits their passion, interest and talent and reach great heights in their careers.
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