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Last updated: 12 Nov 2021

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  • Medical Lab Technology (MLT) is one of the most upcoming fields in the allied health sciences. 
  • There are a huge number of opportunities available for the B.Sc MLT students in India and abroad. 
  • The MLT courses have always been lightly taken by many of the MBBS aspiring students. 
  • The lack of awareness among the students is the main reason for this type of attitude among the students. 
  • Many of them don’t know the capacity and the demand that the MLT degrees carry in global job markets. 
  • The skilled professionals earn more when compared to other medical courses. 
  • The opportunities for MLT students are huge in foreign countries and many global healthcare organisations are ready to pay handsome salaries for the right candidates.

Some of the reasons to choose medical lab technology course in Bangalore are:

Multiple Work Opportunities

  • Once the students get a B.Sc degree in Medical laboratory technology (MLT) sciences, he/she can get exposed to an ocean of opportunities in global job markets. 
  • A B.Sc medical lab technology student can work in hospitals, pathology labs, diagnostic labs, blood and organ banks, research facilities, medical equipment sales companies etc.

Flexibility in Workplace

  • Medical lab technologists work in a wide range of facilities including hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, laboratories, pathology labs, diagnostic centres and more. 
  • The students can find the option to work in a setting that they enjoy the most. Depending on the organisation one can choose the convenient schedule for working according to their needs; such as weekdays, nights or even weekends.

Scope for future specialisation

  • The B.Sc MLT professionals can join higher studies like M.Sc courses and choose their interested specialisations. 
  • The specialisations open up many opportunities for them on the professional front. These specialisations help them to explore more career opportunities in various fields of the healthcare sector like international hospitals, pathology labs, research and development organisations etc.

Growing need in the industry

  • With the onset of multiple and complicated diseases growing in the world, there is a constant need of trained professionals like MLT. 
  • All over the world, trained technicians are needed throughout the healthcare industry. 
  • The industry is growing almost at a rate of 18% annually. 
  • The increase in the health problems among the people due to changed lifestyles has created a huge demand for skilled MLT professionals.

Handsome Salary Packages

  • As stated, before with the increase in demand of skilled professionals in the medical industry, the salary packages available to moderately skilled people is also pretty decent. 
  • The B.Sc MLT students are valued for their skills and the healthcare organisations are ready to pay excellent salary packages for the right candidates.

Opportunity to work abroad

  • The B.Sc MLT students can easily find career opportunities abroad as well. The international medical industry also has a huge demand for allied health science professionals especially for MLT professionals. 
  • The upside is that the salary package abroad is even better and the work environment can be considered better. 
  • The growth factor is more in foreign countries for medical lab technology graduates.

Few lines about Medical Laboratory Technology Course

  • The medical lab technology (MLT) course is also called clinical laboratory science in the allied health sciences. 
  • The students of medical laboratory technology (MLT) are given the training to perform various tasks related to human health like treatment, diagnosis and prevention of the diseases using the clinical methods and laboratory tests. 
  • They are also responsible to perform multiple roles as a medical lab technician in the hospitals and diagnostic centres. 
  • They are required to collect the samples of the patients and perform different tests with those samples to diagnose the exact diseases and generate reports for doctor’s consultation and prescriptions.

What is the qualification for lab technician?

The students who have completed their PUC or 12th in science stream with Physics, Chemistry and Biology with 50% aggregate marks from recognised boards are eligible to join B.Sc MLT course in Bangalore.

How to get admission to a medical lab technician course in Bangalore?

  • The B.Sc MLT course is one of the most popular courses that is making some noise in the current industry. 
  • There is a huge demand for this course, the chances are high that seats may run out very fast especially in the top colleges for MLT in Bangalore and many students may miss the chance of joining this course due to unconventional methods like waiting. 
  • In order to avoid this the students can opt for NRI/Management quota seats under direct admissions from Galaxy Education. 
  • The desired students can directly contact us to pre book your seats in best B.Sc MLT colleges in Bangalore under direct admission mode, so that you will be having the confirmed admissions even before the academic year starts.  

Final Words

The Medical lab technology students are required in diverse areas in the medical line. They can find abundant job opportunities in the medical field and even in the medical related areas. The MLT students can even get excellent opportunities in research and development fields that are related to medical science. The aspirants who have missed their medical seats can join this MLT course and pursue their career in their dream field of medical science.

At Galaxy Education, we help you through the process of finding and applying to the right Colleges in Bangalore. Contact us in below details to get more information on admission procedure and how to secure your seat:

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