Reasons that make Dental Science a popular course

Reasons that make Dental Science a popular course

Last updated: 20 Oct 2021

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Few lines about BDS

Dentistry or Bachelor of dental sciences (BDS) is a branch medicine that consists of the study, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of oral and dental cavity. The field of dentistry or dental science is not limited to teeth but includes other aspects of the craniofacial and temporomandibular joints. 

Bachelor of Dental Sciences (BDS) is one of the most promising career options in the medical industry after class PUC or 10+2. It is a well-designed undergraduate program which is quite equivalent to the MBBS in the medical educational field. All those students who opt to pursue a career in this course are nurtured to understand the foundation of the denture, dental problems and surgery. Like MBBS, the course duration of BDS course is also of the four-years academic education followed by the one-year mandatory internship programme in dentistry education.

Reasons to study BDS

Dentistry is one of the most reputed medical fields across the globe. The dentists are responsible to take care of the oral and dental health care. The students are lacking awareness about dental science and they don’t even try to explore. Many in the dream of getting MBBS seats fail to recognise the potential of other courses, especially dental sciences. It is high time that it is important to create a strong awareness in the student fraternity about the dental sciences also.

Let’s try to discuss some of the reasons to study dentistry or dental sciences.

Restore oral health and transform people

Dental doctors basically are responsible to take care of dental health in the patients. Dentists have the power to change the lives of people through the treatment that one provides to the people. As a dentist one will be able to guide people better in this regard and transition their lives into something valuable. By restoring their oral health, one will have the opportunity to carve a good reputation for self.

Less expensive career options

The dentists require less time to start their work, unlike other medical professions. A dentist requires 2 to 4 years of dental schooling to put a foot into this industry. However, for any other kind of medical profession one has to shell out huge fees when compared to dental fees. It is always a good choice to join dental sciences instead of medical sciences to have a secure future.

Earn a good salary

This is the primary benefit of becoming a dentist, unlike other doctors. The dentists start earning a handsome amount of money at very early points in their careers. The dentists can also earn extra money along with regular salaries (in case working in an hospital) by setting up their own clinics in the neighbourhood. There is a huge demand for dentists across the globe. The changed lifestyle of the people has created demand for the dentists and the healthcare institutions and in communities. The healthcare organisations are ready to pay handsome salaries for the right candidates.

Flexible lifestyle 

It is the hard fact that the people who are invested in healthcare can tell life isn’t easy for them. Some medical professionals work 24/7 to serve their patients and thus they will not be able to make enough time for themselves. To have a balanced life one must be able to create a demarcation between professional life and personal life. The dentists usually work in fixed schedules and are not necessarily required round the time. They are not called on for duty unless there is some serious emergency in the dental systems. So, the dentists can maintain flexible work and life balance.

Dentists are respected in communities

The dental doctors enjoy excellent respect in the communities. People see the dental doctors with high respect and always applaud for their work. They earn massive respect in the public sector and can carve a good reputation too.

Change the dynamics of oral health

As already discussed before, the dentists of today’s world are that he/she will be able to change the dynamics of oral health and give it a different direction. Oral health is widely stigmatized in the world and not many people pay proper attention to it. With the help of modern techniques, right advertising, social media and with the investment of efforts, one can enhance the importance of oral health. Furthermore, the best thing about being a dentist in this regard is the freedom to continue to research without having to worry about anyone holding one accountable for it.


The above are some of the important reasons that makes dental science a flourishing career. Dentists are required in large numbers across the globe. The changed lifestyle and people today are very much specific about their looks and dental hygiene. All these factors make dental science one of the most demanded professions and dentists are required in all the communities and they are also paid handsome salaries by healthcare institutions.

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