Job roles and scopes after B.Sc Zoology

Job roles and Scopes after BSc Zoology Course

Last updated: 16 Oct 2021

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Zoology is gaining a lot of popularity as one of the professional undergraduate courses among the majority of the students in recent years. The increased awareness about animals and other living organisms on earth and the mantra of sustainable living has created a lot of scope and room for skilled zoologists because they are needed to study the animal behaviours and help them to live a good life on planet earth.

There are many important roles available in this field, but the present article tries to explore few of the crucial job roles available for the skilled zoology professionals that are important and offer good career growth opportunities.

Let’s discuss the same in detail:


As a Zoologist one is responsible to work both indoors in labs and also fields in the outdoors. The Zoologists are responsible to study the behaviour of the animals and try to bring down the gap between animals and humans and achieve a sustainable living on this planet.

Role of a Zoologist

As a Zoologist one is responsible to study animal behaviour including evolution, anatomy, physiology, behaviour, distribution and classification of animals. The zoologists study species and population of animals and work with animals out in the field in captivity or in laboratories.

Responsibilities of a Zoologist

As a Zoologist one is needed to:

  • Study the animals in captivity or in their natural habitat
  • Conduct laboratory and field research
  • Collect, store and prepare specimens for analysis
  • Identify, record and monitor species of animals
  • Manage large data sets and use statistical software packages
  • Use modelling software to predict future scenarios such as changes in habitats on population numbers
  • Write scientific reports and issue recommendations
  • Manage animal care and address invasive species and other threats
  • Use software equipment such as geographical information systems (GIS) global positioning systems (GPS), sonographs, terrestrial locomotor activity monitoring systems and video recorders

Earning Potential

  • An average fresh B.Sc Zoology student will earn about 5 to 7 lakhs per annum as a zoologist
  • The experienced professionals may earn about 8 to 12 lakhs per annum


Zookeepers are concerned with the welfare of animals kept in zoos, wildlife parks, aquariums, animal reserves, etc. They are responsible to take care of the health of the animals in captivity by showing them love and affection.

Role of a Zookeeper

As a zookeeper one is expected to work with different animals in the zoos and wildlife parks. As a zookeeper one is responsible to understand the animals by giving them care and love and helping them to thrive and live healthy within the captivity.

Responsibilities of a Zookeeper

As a Zookeeper one is responsible to:

  • Keep animal enclosures clean, germ free and safety secured
  • Prepare food such as pellets, fresh produce, meat or hay and administer medications to animals
  • Observe animals and check for any signs of distress or ill health
  • Design, build and repair environments which are as close to natural habitats as possible
  • Come up with creative ideas for enrichment to keep animals active and interested as possible
  • Educate the visitors by sharing the animal knowledge through demonstrations with live animals, talks, tours and visitor experiences
  • Assist with breeding procedures and raising young animals, particularly with endangered species
  • Train animal behaviour to make feeding, medicating and monitoring easy and safe

Earning Potential

  • An average fresh B.Sc Zoology student will earn about 4 to 6 lakhs per annum as a Zookeeper
  • The experienced professionals may earn about 6 to 8 lakhs per annum

Marine Scientist

The Marine Scientists are basically involved in research, analysis and forecasts in relation to the oceans, their life forms and coastal areas. They are responsible to study about the marine animals and ensure that they are safe in their habitat.

Role of a Marine Scientist

As a marine scientist one is responsible to analyse the sea and its interaction with the land, atmosphere, sea floors, animal life and plants. The marine scientists will be using this information to predict changes to the earth’s infrastructure, inform statutory legislation and encourage environmental protection.

Responsibilities of a Marine Scientist

As a Marine scientist one is needed to:

  • Collect samples and data using processes such as coring techniques, geographic information systems (GIS), visual recording and sampling
  • Work with computer databases and specialist software to analyse information, for example to carry out population assessments of a particular species or evaluate ongoing damage to coral reefs in a narrowly defined area
  • Prepare detailed reports such as environmental impact assessments for agencies, commercial organisations, government bodies
  • Design scientific experiments, collate findings and design and build the appropriate equipment
  • Develop new research theories and test hypothesis
  • Conduct sea-based sampling and experimentation involving periods on sea going vessels
  • Cost, plant and write grant proposals as well as identify new sources of funding
  • Keep up to date with new research and technologies and attend training courses

Earning Potential

  • An average fresh B.Sc Zoology student will earn about 6 to 8 lakhs per annum as a Marine Scientist
  • The experienced professionals may earn about 10 to 12 lakhs per annum

Science Writer

Role of a Science Writer

As a science writer one is required to research, write and edit scientific news articles and features, for business, trade, professional publications, specialist scientific and technical journals and the public. They need to understand the complex scientific information theories and practices that are related to zoology and animals.

Responsibilities of a Science Writer

As a responsible science writer, one is needed to:

  • Produce articles for publications in print and online according to agreed style and keeping to strict deadlines
  • Conducting interviews with scientists, veterinary doctors and academics and establishing a network of in industry experts
  • Attending academic and press conferences that are related to animals and animal behaviours
  • Visiting various research establishments to understand about the usage of animals and study their behaviour
  • Reading and researching specialist media and literature related to wildlife and animals
  • Attending meetings or taking part in conference calls with clients, scientists or other writers
  • Conducting reference searches that are related to zoology and animal life
  • Reviewing and amending work in response to editor feedback

Earning Potential

  • An average fresh B.Sc Zoology student will earn about 4 to 6 lakhs per annum as a Science Writer
  • The experienced professionals may earn about 6 to 8 lakhs per annum

Concluding words

The above-mentioned job roles are some of the many available for B.Sc Zoology students. The demand for skilled zoologists is increasing day by day. Many pharmaceutical companies are looking towards hiring qualified zoologists in large number. Usually the pharmaceutical companies will be conducting trials on animals for new drugs and treatment, so the zoologists are required to report the behaviour of the animal that has undergone the trials. So, the demand is quite large for skilled zoologists.

The students who have the passion and empathy towards animals can join to B.Sc Zoology course and can land in good paying jobs that offer excellent career growth opportunities.

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