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Last updated: 20 Oct 2021

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M.Sc Developmental Studies

The M.Sc Developmental studies is the most recent inclusion in the academics by many universities across India and other parts of the world. The students of M.Sc Developmental Studies are required by companies for carrying out their Corporate Responsibility (CSR) activities. They can also choose to become self-employed by engaging themselves in private practice as career advisors, life-coach, etc. There are important job roles for M.Sc Developmental Studies, the present article discusses some of the important roles available in both corporate and non-corporate sectors.

1. Community Development Worker

Community development is a platform to bring people together for a better cause. The role of community development worker is challenging and has to be selfless individuals who are passionate about assisting others.

Role of a Community Development Worker

As a community development worker, one will help the communities to bring about social change and improve the quality of life in their local area. As a community development worker, one is required to work with individuals, families or whole communities and try to bring change in their lives.

Responsibilities of a Community Development Worker

As a community development worker, one will need to:

  • Identify the community skills, assets, issues and needs
  • Be an ear for the issues of the local people
  • Develop new resources in dialogue with the community and evaluate existing programmes
  • Solve the issues of local communities on behalf of their companies
  • Help to raise public awareness on issues relevant to the community
  • Developing and implementing strategies to bring better lifestyle in communities
  • Coordinating with the interested groups and stakeholders to set up new services
  • Recruiting and training paid and voluntary staff
  • Encourage the participation in various community centric activities


  • Starting salary will fall between 4 lakhs to 8 lakhs per annum
  • Salaries for experienced workers will be around 6 lakhs to 8 lakhs per annum

2. Social Worker

Social workers support individuals and their families going through difficult times and ensure that vulnerable people are safeguarded from any harm

Role of a Social Worker

As a social worker one is required to help improve outcomes in people’s lives. As a social worker one will work in a variety of settings within the framework of relevant legislation and procedures, supporting individuals, families and groups within the community.

Responsibilities of a Social Worker

As a social worker one is needed to:

  • Conduct interviews with individuals and families to assess and review their situation
  • Undertake and writing up assessments in collaboration with professionals which meet specified standards and timescales
  • Offering information and support
  • Organising and managing packages of support to enable people to lead the fullest lives possible
  • Recommending and sometimes making decisions about the best course of action for a particular person or a family
  • Maintain accurate records and prepare reports for legal actions


  • There are no fixed salaries for social workers, but they are paid stipends of 2 lakhs to 3 lakhs per annum
  • If work for an organisation then they can earn around 4 lakhs to 8 lakhs per annum

3. Career Advisor

Career advisors provide information, advice and guidance to help people make realistic choices about their education, training and work

Role of a Career Advisor

As a career advisor one is responsible to provide impartial job, training and study related advice in order to help clients make decisions about their future and reach full potential. They are required to cover many issues such as:

  • Options for suitable careers
  • Writing a good Curriculum Vitae 
  • Job application process
  • Current labour market
  • Skill development programmes
  • Suitable training programmes
  • Available funding for courses and training

Responsibilities of a Career Advisor

As a career advisor one is required to:

  • Interview people one-to-one or in small groups to discuss their career or education options
  • Listen to their ideas and career aims
  • Identify skills gaps and how to deal with them
  • Help clients identify and consider the range of choices available for them and outline possible ways forward
  • Help clients develop their own career management skills
  • Draw up action plans for employment, education, training and support the clients to achieve their goals
  • Discuss with the clients how to overcome any barriers to reach their goals and refer them to other agencies for advice where appropriate
  • Researching careers, options and support organisations to meet client needs
  • Advising clients on how to source relevant training courses or qualifications and what funding might be available
  • Help the clients to understand the current job markets
  • Using computer aided guidance packages, skills assessment tools, career planners, psychometric tests and personal inventories


  • Fresh post graduates will earn nearly around 3 lakhs to 4 lakhs
  • Experienced professionals will easily earn about 5 lakhs to 7 lakhs per annum

4. Life Coach

As a life coach one is responsible to empower the relationships of clients and help them to achieve their potential.

Role of a Life Coach

As a life coach one is responsible to help their clients to identify their personal strengths and areas of development. A life coach will develop on-going confidential, one-to-one relationships with clients. The main aim of the life coach is to help clients to plan positive goals. They are also required to deliver personal development workshops for small or large groups.

Responsibilities of a Life Coach

As a Life Coach one will be responsible to:

  • Agree a coaching contract for a number of sessions, discus confidentiality and work to a code of ethics
  • Build good working relationships with clients, allowing them to communicate their values and beliefs
  • Motivate and encourage clients throughout the change process
  • Use coaching skills to develop the client’s self-awareness
  • Be aware of self-help techniques such as mindfulness and how this can help clients to manage stress and increase productivity
  • Work with clients to develop agreed strategies for reaching their goals, continually reviewing progress
  • Have a clear understanding of coaching frameworks and theories of positive psychology with the ability to apply them in practice


  • Life-Coach is apparently self-employed and as a private practitioner. As a life-coach one can easily earn nearly around 5 lakhs to 10 lakhs per event depending upon the number of participants
  • As a life-coach one can start a private practice and earn nearly around 50,000 to 1 lakh per month

Final Lines

M.Sc Developmental Studies students have job opportunities in different areas. The main aim of M.Sc Development Studies students is to bring a change in the lives of individuals and communities. They are responsible to help communities and individuals to have a decent lifestyle and lead it happily. They may choose to work at individual level or community level depending upon their interests. The above few mentioned are jobs that are available in different fields. The choice depends upon the individuals. The students who are empathetic and interested in social service may join M.Sc Developmental Studies and earn a decent living by serving the people.

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