Career options for Arts students after Class 12th

The Class 12th or PUC is one of the most important phases of a career. The class 12th can be life changing for the students, which can decide their future. The stream which the  students choose decides their future career and professional life.

A few years back, the arts were not acknowledged as a popular stream for students. But in this ever-evolving era, one can build a lucrative career even with an Arts degree in hand.  Arts courses have always been side-lined till now, but the changing trends and businesses today have created a huge demand for students with Arts degrees.

Career Options for Arts Students after 12th

Last updated: 13 May 2022

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There are abundance of opportunities for the Arts students today, as many organisations are hiring Arts candidates for better payments. Further due to the increase in demand for Arts degree students, many colleges in India are offering Arts courses with different specialisations with advanced faculties in the field of Arts.

Popular Courses for Arts students

Usually, students go for BA and BA (Hons), but over the last few years, they have several other undergraduate courses as well that they can consider for their higher studies like BFA, BSW, BJMC and B.Lib, etc.

  1. BA or BA (Hons): The Bachelor of Arts has been the all-time favourite course for arts students. The students usually take admission to BA with specialization in their desired subjects either through 10+2 marks or entrance exams conducted by colleges and universities.

  2. BA Journalism: The BA Journalism is the perfect choice for students aspiring to join the journalism or media industry. The increased number of news agencies and organisations require journalism students in large numbers. Even the media industry also requires students with journalism students in large numbers. Students with BA journalism are in huge demand as the organisations are ready to pay handsome salaries. The career growth for BA journalism has also been excellent in recent times.

  3. Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA): Creative minds that enjoy painting and drawing can opt for this course. Students with a creative bent of mind can join BA Fine Arts courses like dancing, music, painting, etc. These courses can be a stepping stone for careers in interior design of homes, cars, hotels, and buildings. The demand is also high for such candidates, especially in the hospitality industry.

  4. BA LLB (Law): Law has been one of the most lucrative jobs for quite a long time. Students interested in law can join the BA LL.B course. There is a huge demand for BA LL.B course, so much so that national level entrance exams like CLAT and LSAT are conducted to choose the right candidates. The BA LL.B students are readily hired in MNCs, legal firms, government organisations, etc, for handsome salaries. They can even practise law in the courts of India. They can even become advocates and judges in the courts.

  5. BA Animation and Graphic Designing: Animation and graphic designing has been one of the lucrative careers in today’s era. The emergence of digital marketing has created ample job opportunities for skilled professionals. BA Animation and Graphic Design students are hired in the media industry, marketing industry, film industry, etc. Further, with the elevation in the internet and digital space, the demand for IT professionals is also increasing day by day.

  6. BA Travel and Tourism: The travel and tourism industry has been one of the most profitable industries. The increased demand for leisure travel has created excellent career avenues for BA travel and tourism students.  BA travel and tourism students are hired in hotels, travel agencies, airline companies, etc. Students with BA travel and tourism degrees are hired for excellent salary packages and can even experience excellent career growth in the industry.

List of traditional courses in Arts

Some of the most popular and traditional courses for students in Arts are:

  • BFA - Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • BFD - Bachelor of Fashion Designing
  • BA in Animation & Multimedia
  • Bachelor of Performing Arts
  • BA Sociology
  • BA Psychology
  • BA Photography
  • BA Hotel/ Hospital Management
  • BA Catering
  • BA Travel and Tourism
  • BA Fashion Design
  • BA Interior Design
  • BA Communication Design
  • BA Culinary Arts
  • BA Journalism
  • BA Animation
  • BA Event Management
  • BA Retail and Fashion Merchandise
  • B.Ed
  • BA Textile Designing
  • BA Sculpture
  • BA Acting
  • BA Cabin Crew
  • BA Jewellery Design

New Age Career Options for Arts Students

Some of the new age career options for Arts students are

  • Liberal arts
  • Sound design
  • App Design
  • Graphical design
  • Visual merchandiser
  • Content writer
  • Social Media Management
  • Fashion Styling
  • Radio Jockey.


The changing trends and business have created ample opportunities for students with Arts degrees. The emerging business models have created better avenues for skilled Arts students. The current article tries to explain the opportunities available in the field of Arts, so that the students can make right decisions while choosing the best field for them.

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