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Diploma in Mechanical

Last updated: 20 Oct 2021

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Mechanical engineering is an evergreen subject and always known for better career scopes from the beginning. The diploma in mechanical students are always in demand in diverse fields. There is a lot of demand for the skills they possess in the job market. They are also hired in different job roles in the job markets

The present article tries to explain some of the important job roles available for the students of diploma in mechanical course.

Control and Instrumentation Engineer

As a control and instrumentation engineer one is responsible to design, develop, install and maintain an equipment that is used to monitor and control engineering systems machinery and processes.

Role of a Control & Instrumentation Engineer

A Control & Instrumentation Engineer’s job is to make sure that all the systems and processes of an equipment are operating effectively, efficiently and safely at all times.  As a Control and Instrumentation Engineer one is required to have a thorough understanding of the operational processes of an organisation and also work in a multi-disciplinary area.

Responsibilities of a Control & Instrumentation Engineer

As a Control & Instrumentation Engineer one is required to:

  • Design and develop new control systems and their electronics
  • Testing, maintaining and modifying existing systems
  • Analysing data and presenting findings in writer reports
  • Managing operations in an organisation
  • Work collaboratively with design engineers, operation engineers, purchases and other internal staff
  • Project management within cost and time constrained environments
  • Develop and design new control systems that are economical and efficient

Salary and Emoluments

  • An average fresh Diploma in Mechanical student will earn around 2.5 lakhs to 3.5 lakhs per annum as a control and instrumentation engineer
  • The experienced electronics graduates will be earning around 3.5 lakhs to 4.5 lakhs per annum

Aerospace Engineer

As an Aerospace engineer one will be working with cutting edge technology and in many international companies that are related to aircraft and avionics. They are responsible to develop new and innovative designs in aviation electronics or avionics.

Role of an Aerospace Engineer

As an aerospace engineer one will be doing research, design, develop, maintain and test the performance of:

  • Civil and military aircraft
  • Missiles
  • Satellites
  • Space vehicles
  • Weapons systems
  • Advanced Avionics

They work in carrying out different components that make up the aircraft and systems. As an aerospace one is responsible to improve flight safety, fuel efficiency, speed and weight as well as reducing system costs and using developing technologies to meet customer needs. He/she is also required to develop new electronic chipsets that are economical and efficient.

Responsibilities of an Aerospace Engineer

As an aerospace engineer, one is needed to:

  • Apply principles of science and technology to create aircraft components and support equipment
  • Research and develop design specifications and use computer aided design (CAD) software to create plans and airframe designs
  • Supervise the assembly of airframes and the installation of engines, instruments and other equipment
  • Take part in flight test programmes to check the avionics and electronics on board of an aircraft
  • Resolve issues that arise during the design development and testing processes
  • Maintain aircraft to full operation including regular inspections, maintenance, repairs and servicing related to aviation electronics
  • Design new electronic modules and for advanced avionics
  • Measure and improve safety features or minimise fuel consumption and pollution

Salary & Emoluments

  • A fresh Diploma in Mechanical student will earn a salary of 2.5 lakhs to 3.5 lakhs per annum as an aerospace engineer
  • An experienced professional will be earning around 3.5 Lakhs to 4.5 lakhs per annum

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineers create solutions and solve problems, playing a central role in the design and implementation of moving parts in a range of industries.

Role of the Mechanical Engineer

As a mechanical engineer one is responsible to provide efficient solutions to the development of processes and products, ranging from small component designs to extremely large plants, machinery or vehicles.

Responsibilities of a Mechanical Engineer

As a mechanical engineer one is responsible to:

  • Research and develop products, for example mechanical hearts if working in the medical industry
  • Improve production process such as those in large oil refineries or services within buildings
  • Design and implement cost effective equipment, modifications to help improve safety and reliability
  • Develop a project specification with colleagues, often including those from other engineering disciplines
  • Develop and use new materials and technologies
  • Manage people, projects and resources, this will depend on the role
  • Develop test and evaluate theoretical designs
  • Discuss and solve complex problems with manufacturing departments, sub-contractors, suppliers and customers
  • Make sure a product can be made reliable and will perform consistently in specified operating environments
  • Manage projects using engineering principles and techniques
  • Plant and design new production processes
  • Produce details of specifications and outline designs
  • Recommend modifications following prototype test results
  • Use research analytical, conceptual and planning skills, particularly those in mathematical modelling and computer aided design
  • Consider the implications or issues such as cost, safety and time constraints
  • Work with other professionals, within and outside the engineering sector
  • Monitor and commission plant and systems

Salary & Emoluments

  • A fresh diploma in mechanical student will earn a salary of 3 lakhs to 4 lakhs per annum as a mechanical engineer
  • An experienced professional will be earning around 4 lakhs to 5 lakhs per annum

Water Engineer

The water engineers are required to solve the problems within global warming, ageing infrastructure and should be responsible to conserve water. They are basically seen working in hydroelectric power plants and they are required to manage the supply of water to the turbines for power generation.

Role of a Water Engineer

The water engineers are seen working in hydro-electric plants, wastewater treatment plants, sewage treatment plants. They are responsible to repair and maintain the equipment and machinery that are necessary for control of water supply.

Responsibilities of the Water Engineer

As a water engineer one is needed to:

  • Design overall schemes such as sewer improvement or flood defence programmes and associated structures, such as pumping stations, pipework and earthworks
  • Prepare tender documents as a basis for construction
  • Review technical submissions
  • Coordinate with various bodies and individuals, including local authorities, government agencies, clients, contractors, residents, suppliers, technical experts and other consultants
  • Work collaboratively with other businesses
  • Support other project managers and directors within the business and across the wider market
  • Keep up to date with environmental matters and be aware of policy and developments in this area
  • Present technical data or project results to both technical and non-technical clients and colleagues
  • Monitor the progress of projects from beginning to end from design through to construction and handover or supervise one section of a large project
  • Control budgets as project level
  • Administer contracts and ensure that work is completed to deadline
  • Supervise the operation and maintenance of water and sewage infrastructure
  • Use computer simulations to analyse for example potential dam failure
  • Device flood defence strategies, perhaps including river and floodplain modelling, flood levels at times of high risk
  • Monitor flood levels in dams

Salary & Emoluments

  • A fresh diploma in mechanical student will earn a salary of 2.5 lakhs to 3.5 lakhs per annum as a water engineer
  • An experienced professional will be earning around 3.5 lakhs to 4.5 lakhs per annum


The diploma in mechanical students can find ample job roles across diverse sectors. They are hugely in demand for their skills. They act as core technicians for any machinery that is available in this world. They are decently paid and can experience excellent career growth if they take up B.Tech/BE in mechanical engineering. The students with passion towards machines can join this course.

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