Career and Scope in B.Sc Anaesthesia

Last updated: 15 May 2024

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What is B.Sc Anaesthesia?

B.Sc Anaesthesia is the branch of allied health science of the medical field. The main aim of the B.Sc Anaesthesia course is that it trains the students on various anaesthesia equipment and also gives an in-depth understanding of the different anaesthesia agents. The course prepares the students on different aspects of the usage of the anaesthesia and anaesthesia agents on the patients. The requirement of anaesthesia varies from patient to patient. The B.Sc anaesthesia students are given proper training and knowledge about all the above aspects that are related to the field of anaesthesia.

Eligibility for B.Sc Anaesthesia

The B.Sc Anaesthesia is the 3-year degree programme that can be done after the completion of the PUC/12th /or equivalent. The students who want to join B.Sc Anaesthesia should have studied any of the following three subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology/ Chemistry, Zoology, Botany in their PUC/12th /or equivalent from the recognised central or any state board of India and abroad.

Duties of the B.Sc Anaesthesia students

The B.Sc Anaesthesia students are trained to perform multiple tasks apart from the anaesthesia. Some of the important roles and responsibilities of the B.Sc Anaesthesia students are:

  • They are responsible to administer the right amounts of the anaesthesia to the patients according to the condition of the patient under the guidance of the expert physician
  • They are responsible to procure the specific anaesthesia agents that are necessary for the patients those are undergoing the surgery
  • They should constantly note the readings from the machines and adjust and calibrate the machine according to the situation under the proper guidance of the surgeon
  • They are responsible to prepare the patients for the surgery
  • They are responsible to monitor the critical patients in the intensive care units (ICU) in the hospitals
  • The anaesthesia students should be very cautious while administering the anaesthesia agents to the patients. Even a small error may lead to permanent disability or sometimes even death.
  • The anaesthesia field is extremely challenging and only skilled professionals should be allowed to perform the anaesthesia administration on patients
  • The B.Sc Anaesthesia students should possess good will-power because anaesthesia is a field of medicine where it takes the toll of the emotions
  • They should be capable to handle the emotional roller coaster ride that they face during their job roles
  • They are responsible to motivate the patients who are undergoing the surgery and try to educate them so that they will not become nervous and scared of the operations
  • The B.Sc anaesthesia students are required to observe the functioning of the vital parts of the body. They are responsible to observe vital signs like heartbeat rates, breathing rate, temperature rates, lungs, kidneys pre and post-surgery
  • The anaesthetists are required to stand long hours during the surgery to rule out any complications in the patients. They should work with flexible timings; they should be available when called upon during the emergency

Career Scope and job roles for B.Sc Anaesthesia students

The B.Sc Anaesthesia students are mainly hired in healthcare sectors. They are hired in government hospitals, private hospitals, super-speciality hospitals, multi-speciality hospitals, nursing homes, healing care centres. The main role of the B.Sc Anaesthesia students is to assist the doctors while administering the anaesthesia to the patients. They are responsible to prepare the anaesthesia equipment for the patients.

The B.Sc anaesthesia students are mainly hired in operation theatres. They will be responsible to prepare the patients for the surgeries; they are also required to monitor the vital signs of the patients throughout the surgery. They should adjust the anaesthesia machine according to the condition of the patients under the guidance of the surgeon. They are also responsible to monitor the condition of the patients under the influence of anaesthesia after the surgery. Sometimes they might be responsible to monitor the critical patients in the critical surgical rooms and ensure that the vital organs are functioning properly.

Salary package

The B.Sc Anaesthesia students will be earning a salary of an average of around 3 lakhs to 8 lakhs per annum. The B.Sc anaesthesia fresher will be earning around 2.5 lakhs per annum. The salary varies from recruiter to recruiter.

The salary increases according to the experience and skills gained during the career.

Placement Opportunities

The B.Sc Anaesthesia students are mainly hired in hospitals that conduct surgeries. They are hired in government and private hospitals, multi-speciality hospitals, super-speciality hospitals, nursing homes etc.

Some of the top recruiters for B.Sc Anaesthesia students are:

  • Apollo Hospitals
  • Fortis Hospitals
  • Columbia Asia Hospitals
  • Aster Healthcare
  • Hosmet Hospitals
  • HCG Global


The changed lifestyle has resulted in the development of the many ailments in the people. Along with the increasing lifespan has also increased the number of operations one each day. This has resulted in the emergence of many new branches of the allied health sciences. The increase in the demand for skilled professionals has created a lot of job opportunities for the non-MBBS courses. The medical field is so diversified that there is no need to be an MBBS graduate to enter the medical field. There are numerous allied health science degrees available to the students so that they can enter the medical field and serve the needy.

The B.Sc Anaesthesia is one such programme that enables the students to enter the medical field without the need of an MBBS degree. The field is new and is emerging at a fast pace with abundant career opportunities. The student who may be dreaming to get into the medical field without MBBS is now possible with the B.Sc anaesthesia degree. The field offers great potential and continues to grow further in the field of medicine.

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