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Career and Job roles after B.Voc Tourism and Hospitality Course

Career and Job roles after B.Voc Tourism and Hospitality Course

Last updated: 20 Aug 2020


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The hospitality sector is one of the most booming industries in recent years. With more and more people choosing to take up tours and leisure trips for recreation, the demand for skilled B.Voc Tourism and Hospitality students increased drastically in the last 5-10 years.

There are ample job opportunities in this field but the present article discusses some of the important job roles that can be a game changer careers

Let’s dive deep into the discussion

Holiday Representative

As a holiday representative, one is responsible to help the clients to choose and enjoy their holiday as much as possible, by organising activities and responding to their needs of the holidaymakers.

Role of a Holiday Representative

A holiday representative is responsible for looking after groups of clients and holidaymakers on package holidays at resorts. The main priority of the holiday representative is to ensure that clients enjoy their holiday and that everything runs smoothly as possible for them.

Responsibilities of a Holiday Representative

As a holiday representative one is needed to:

  • Meet guests at the airport
  • Escorting guests to their accommodation
  • Organising and hosting welcome meetings
  • Selling and organising excursions and other activities
  • Selling car hire and other services
  • Responding to client’s queries
  • Handling client issues such as lost luggage or passports, allegations of theft or other crimes, problems with rooms, health problems, injuries or even deaths
  • Dealing with unforeseen non-client problems like flight delays, transport strikes or weather conditions
  • Resolving any conflicts with or between clients
  • Establishing and maintaining relationships with local hoteliers, apartment owners, excursion agents and travel companies
  • Maintaining an in-depth knowledge of the resort and the local area in order to answer client’s questions
  • Accompanying customers on excursions and acting as a guide
  • Organising and supervising children’s activities ensuring they are in safe environment
  • Organising and taking part in daytime and evening entertainment
  • Checking hotel standards and safety procedures
  • Keeping basic accounts and records and writing reports
  • Assisting in the support and training of new holiday representatives

Salary and Emoluments

  • The fresh B.Voc Tourism & Hospitality students will be earning around 3 lakhs to 5 lakhs per annum as Holiday Representatives
  • The experienced professionals will earn around 4 lakhs to 6 lakhs per annum

Hotel Manager

As a hotel manager, one is commercially accountable for budgeting and financial management and will need to plan, organise and direct all the hotel services for all the guests.

Role of the Hotel Manager

The hotel managers are responsible to take care of all the daily activities in a hotel environment. They are responsible to greet the guests and ensure that their stay in the hotel is happy and pleasurable.

Responsibilities for an Hotel Manager

As a hotel manager one is needed to:

  • Plan and organise accommodation, catering and other hotel services
  • Promote and market the business
  • Manage budgets and finance plans and control expenditure
  • Maintain statistical and financial records
  • Set and achieve sales and profit targets
  • Analyse sales figures and device market and revenue management strategies
  • Recruit, train and monitor the staff
  • Plan work schedules for individuals and teams
  • Deal with customer complaints and comments
  • Address problems and troubleshoot accordingly
  • Ensure events and conferences run smoothly
  • Supervise maintenance, supplies, renovations and furnishings
  • Deal with contractors and suppliers
  • Ensure security is effective
  • Carry out inspections of property and services
  • Ensure compliance with licensing laws health and safety and other statutory regulations

Salary and Emoluments

  • The fresh B.Voc Tourism & Hospitality students will be earning around 5 lakhs to 8 lakhs per annum as Hotel Managers
  • The experienced professionals will earn around 6 lakhs to 9 lakhs per annum

Tour Manager

The tour managers are responsible travel, organise, accompany groups of holiday makers on tours to a variety of overseas locations

Role of a Tour Manager

As a tour manager one is responsible to ensure travel arrangements run smoothly as possible and provide holiday makers with practical support throughout their trip.

Responsibilities of a Tour Manager

As a tour manager one is needed to:

  • Accompany groups of holiday makers by travelling in coach or in some cases by car, boat, train or plane
  • Welcome groups of holiday makers at their starting point and announce details of travel arrangements and stop over points
  • Check tickets and other relevant documents, seat allocations and any special requirements
  • Help with passport and immigration issues
  • Assist holiday makers with check in and settle them into their accommodation
  • Communicate a range of information on itineraries, destinations and culture of the local area
  • Inform passengers of arrival and departure times at each destination on the itinerary and ensure that all members of the group are back on the coach before departing from each stop
  • Develop a specialist area of knowledge
  • Use professional knowledge to answer questions from holidaymakers and fulfil their expectations of the tour
  • Make sure all travel arrangements run according to plan and that accommodation, meals and service and satisfactory
  • Organise entry to attractions and transport such as car hire
  • Ensure that the tour is running smoothly for individual members of the group
  • Respond to questions and offer help with any problems that arise ranging from simple matters such as directing a member of the group to the nearest chemist to more serious problems such as tracking lost baggage
  • Deal with emergencies such as helping holidaymakers who is ill or those needing to contact family members urgently
  • Be updated with latest knowledge about various tourist places across the globe

Salary and Emoluments

  • The fresh B.Voc Tourism & Hospitality students will be earning around 4 lakhs to 6 lakhs per annum as Tour Manager
  • The experienced professionals will earn around 5 lakhs to 8 lakhs per annum

Final Lines

The above-mentioned job roles are just the tip of an iceberg, but there are still more jobs to explore in the field of hospitality. The demand for the skilled B.Voc Tourism and Hospitality students has increased in the last decade. With a good number of the people looking for leisure trips for recreation has increased the demand for the skilled professions.

Today many countries are flourishing only due to tourism and the skilled professionals are behind it to make a tour a remarkable trip. The tourism industry also pays good salary packages and also provides opportunities to grow in career. The students with passion towards tourism and hospitality can join the B.Voc Tourism and Hospitality course to earn a decent salary package and grow in the career relentlessly.

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