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Last updated: 24 Feb 2022

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The certification courses are best suited for both professionals and  those students who may not be in a position to avail the degree programs. The certification courses help the students and professionals in two ways. The first one is the students who are not in a position to complete their degree due to various commitments and financial constraints can take up certification courses which are cheaper and can get into a job based on their certifications. On the other hand, the professionals who are already working and looking for better career growth or domain change can take up certification courses without compromising on their work schedule and life. In both cases the certifications help everyone to grab a job and reach the pinnacle of career growth.

The certificate courses will usually have a duration from minimum 3 months to one year depending upon the course and certifications.  There are some certificate courses that range from 1.5 years to 2-years.

Why are certification courses popular in today’s corporate life?

There is a very bad assumption among the masses that certificate courses will not add any value to the career. But this is not true in reality, the times have changed and the pandemic has created a lot of impact on the regular hiring processes. Today, with work from home options prevailing everywhere many professionals are taking up certification courses and completing them for better career growth. The certification courses are short-term courses and professionals willing to develop their skills in their respective sector or wish to change their career can join certification courses of their choice. 

Some of the benefits of certification courses are:

  1. Take less time: The certification courses take lesser time unlike the diploma or a degree course. The main advantage of the certification courses is that they can be done according to their convenience anywhere anytime without any compromise of work and live
  2. Fees of these certificate courses: The certificate courses are far much cheaper when compared to conventional courses. The affordability is better in certificate courses when compared to conventional courses
  3. 24/7 availability: The certificate courses can be taken from anywhere and anytime. With the internet so advanced everyone can take certificate courses from anywhere and also complete them according to their convenience. There are many modes where a person can complete the certification courses such as; weekend classes or online classes. In both the cases the courses are available anytime and the students can even take repeated classes. 
  4. Open for everyone: The certification courses are basically skill centric and anybody can take up the certification courses. There is no eligibility for taking up certificate courses. Anyone with an interest to develop skills can take up certificate courses and see a growth in their careers
  5. No qualification required: There is no specified qualification required to take up the certificate courses. Anyone with a passion to learn and upskill can take up certificate courses with no predetermined qualifications
  6. Mode of education: The certificate courses are very flexible and anyone can take it up, for doing a certificate course none are required to quit their present jobs or compromise on their timings. The courses are of different modes like weekend classes or online classes. The professionals can take up these certification courses leisurely with no burden on their work & life balance.A person typing on a computer

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What will you expect after the certification course?

Today certification courses are in great demand across the job markets. The pandemic has changed the perception of hiring managers and people with certifications are hired in lot of majority companies including MNCs. 

Some of the benefits of certification courses are:

  • Skill growth: The certifications increase the skills of the professionals. The certificate courses will add an advantage to the CVs and it offers multiple opportunities for career growth.
  • Career shift: Many working professionals will be looking for career shifts and change in domain for better growth. The certification courses help the professionals in this aspects and they can easily change their domain with the career shift by getting certified.
  • Promotion: Every employee looks for hikes and promotions, and certificate courses will help them in this aspect. Many MNCs are promoting their employees based on their certifications 
  • Global recognition: The certification of a professional gives him/her an exposure to the global job markets. Many global MNCs recognise the certifications of the individuals and offer them excellent jobs with handsome pay scales. Having certifications in the CVs increases the visibility in the global level and opportunities come handy for the certified professionals.A person looking at a computer

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The certifications are the next big thing in the hiring markets, the professionals with better certifications have better opportunities from the recruiters. The certifications helps the professionals to survive the market competition and upskilled every time and increase his/her chances of career growth.

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