MS Ramaiah Medical College Bangalore Reviews

MS Ramaiah Medical College Bangalore Reviews

MS Ramaiah Medical College Bangalore Reviews

Last updated: Nov 07, 2019


Are you interested in pursuing MBBS? If you want to go for MBBS, then the very first thing that you do is to search for the best medical college in Bangalore. Here, you can find several top colleges who all offer you with best MBBS course. Apart from that all, you too get the best kind of facilities for you. But due to the presence of the many colleges, students and parents get confused among them in a great way. If you are searching for the best medical college, then you can take admission in MS Ramaiah medical college at Bangalore.

Why go to this college?

The next big question that arises after this is why to go to this college. Well, if you are also wondering about this, then you must know that this college has got all the basic facilities and provides the best of its services to all the students. You can get a good infrastructure, teaching faculty, placements, environment, hostel, and canteens. To make it clear here is the detailed information about those things.

Infrastructure of college

If you see the infrastructure of the college, then this college has got the best infrastructure in Bangalore. The college has got the buildings and classrooms for all the MBBS courses. The labs of the colleges are well equipped with modern machines for the students. The classrooms are in good condition too.

As per a former student, who has passed from this college it is said that the labs of the college are best and you get the best kind of experience when you perform the experiments in the labs.

Teaching faculty of the college

The teachers of the college are seen to be very experienced. They have got many years of experience in this field of teaching. The college hires the teachers via a strict interview process. In this process, the teacher had to undergo a series of interview. After that only, the teacher is selected to teach the students of the college.

A former student of the college who passed out last year said that the teacher is very friendly and have got huge knowledge about the subject. They teach and clear doubt in a good way and ensure that a student has properly understood the thing.

Environment of college

Most of the college has not got a good environment for the students. Environment plays an important role in the college as it ensures how the students of the college study and develop themselves in the college itself.

A student at the college said that the environment here is very good. There are no external disturbances here. As a result, one can read peacefully without any problem.


The college has got a good record in this field. As per last year data, the college has given a good placement to the students, and the trend of placing the students in the top colleges are increasing year by year.

A student who got placed in the top company said that the college brings lots of top companies and it gives you the option to choose for whom you want to work for.


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