Management Quota Admission For BPT In Bangalore

Management Quota Admission For BPT In Bangalore

Management Quota Admission For BPT In Bangalore

Last updated: Nov 06, 2019


How you can go for management-quota-admission-for-bpt-in-Bangalore?

Do you want to become a Physiotherapist? If you want to become a physiotherapist, then you can go for any of the top colleges in Bangalore which offers BPT courses. When it comes to the college, it is seen that they provide the best quality education to all their students and helps in shaping up the career of the students.

The next thing that arises as a question is what is the work of the Physiotherapist? It is said that a physiotherapist works hard to rehabilitates the patients. They help the patient in a great way as they improve the physical movement of the paralyzed body or injured body parts. This may be caused due to the fatal injuries or any other means. They treat that part of the body in such a way that, they can recover from that stage and at last can work like before as a normal person.

In BPT courses, it is seen that the colleges offer all the undergraduate and post-graduate courses. BPT is an undergraduate course for the students who all want to pursue their career in this field. The total duration of this course is three years. Other than this, if you want to go for the postgraduate course, then you need to go for MPT, and the course duration is two years.

The main problem arises when it comes to the admission is about the eligibility. They have got their eligibility criteria for BPT.

Criteria for admission

  1. The first thing that they demand from you is the certificate of 12th HSC examination.
  2. You must have appeared in the examination with the subjects that are English, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.
  3. The minimum mark that a student must have secured while going for admission is about 50 percent.
  4. Then you must have appeared in a Common Entrance Exam Test (CET) for the admission in BPT.
  5. This BPT exam is said to be done by the BPT colleges collectively.
  6. Then the seats which are allocated to the students are based on the merit list, and they call the students as per that.

You can go for admission in BPT college with the help of management quota, but they too ask for the mark and see whether you have qualified in CET exam or not. 

So when you are going for the admission to any BPT college, you need to satisfy the criteria of the colleges.


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