DCH Colleges Under KEA

DCH Colleges Under KEA

DCH Colleges Under KEA

Last updated: Nov 05, 2019


Colleges that comes under KEA for DCH courses

There are many colleges in Karnataka who all offer you with best kind of education to the student. All the colleges have got the basic facilities for the students. Nowadays, a good college plays an important role this kind of courses. This is because by doing this, it helps the students to get the best education.

Students who all pass the board exams is said to be now thinking to go for the Diploma in Child health course. The demand for the course is said to be growing each year, and it is increasing at a faster rate. The demand for the course among the students is said to be very high as this course offers a lot of opportunities to the students. This course is a 3-year full-time undergraduate course for the students.

What is this course all about?

If you look at the course, it deals with a wide range of wellness, illness, and health. This helps in offering the students to understand about the health that comes from the behavioral, biological and population-based perspectives. The main aim of the course is said to help you in pursuing the studies, and ultimately they can get some kind of jobs in government, private or other areas.

How to get admission in the college?

Many students all want to get admission in the colleges who all offers you with DCH course. It is also seen that, the colleges, all three colleges have got limited seats for this course. With a large number of students for this course and a limited amount of seats for them, the competition among them is very high, and due to this reason, all the top colleges have gone for the eligibility criteria for the students.

What are the eligibility criteria?

The eligibility criteria, it is said that a student needs to have all these things to get the seat in the college. Here are the eligibility criteria for the students that needed to get followers.

  1. 1. The candidate needs to pass the 12th board exams.
  2. 2. The candidate needs to have the passing certificate from the affiliated board.
  3. 3. The candidate needs to score 50 percent marks in the exam.
  4. 4. The candidate needs to appear in the entrance exams.
  5. 5. The candidates need to qualify as well as needs to score good marks in the entrance exams.

So, you need to score good marks in both board exams and entrance exams as well.

It is often seen that there are many top colleges among which the student gets confused. To make it easy, here is the list of colleges for you under KEA. 

  1. 1. Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College.
  2. 2. JSS Medical College.
  3. 3. KVG Medical College.
  4. 4. Navodaya Medical College.
  5. 5. Raja Rajeshwari Medical College and Hospital.
  6. 6. MS Ramaiah Medical College.
  7. 7. KS Hedge Medical Academy.
  8. 8. JJM Medical College.

These are the top 8 colleges that you can go for admission to pursuing DCH.

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