ABBS Mba Bangalore

ABBS Mba Bangalore

ABBS Mba Bangalore

Last updated: Oct 08, 2021


Details about ABBS College in Bangalore for MBA

If you are interested in pursuing MBA in the best college in Bangalore, then you can go to ABBS College. This college offers some programs to its students. From all that programs, MBA is also included in it.

ABBS College in Bangalore is said to be the best college in Bangalore. They have got the best teaching faculty staff as well as a well-maintained infrastructure. The college is said to provide its students with all types of basic facilities that they want during the course period.

What is the objective of the college for this program?

When it comes to the objectives of the colleges, it is said that the college has set a certain objective for this program. These objectives are mentioned below.

  1. It tries to internalize the fundamentals of Management and helps in specializing in the chosen areas.
  2. They help in the development of the students and prepare them to face Managerial challenges.
  3. They help the student to adapt the leverages on the change for reaping the social as well as economic benefits.
  4. They help in imparting professional ethics as well as a commitment to all social responsibilities so that they can become global corporate citizens.

They are mentioned below.

  1. It ensures that the holistic learning of both subject and general learning goals.
  2. It helps in enabling as well as encouraging the Faculty members to keep themselves in update state for the cross-functional knowledge via research consultancy and industry interface. 
  3. The college is continuously improving the infrastructure as well as other basic requirements.

With all this good objective, if you want to pursue MBA, then you can go for ABBS College.

MBA is a two-year full specification program. As the demand of the MBA is on the rising among the students, so the completion is now getting tough. This is due to the limited seats for MBA to lakhs of MBA aspirants. So if you want to go for the admission in ABBS College, then you need to satisfy the eligibility criteria for that.


  1. A student needs to pass the graduation exam from any recognized university.
  2. A student needs to secure about 50 percent marks in the graduation exam.
  3. A student needs to appear in CAT exam and need to get qualify in that exam too.

So when it comes to the allocation of seats, it is seen that ABBS College select the students based purely on the merit list of the students. They consider the marks of the student that the student obtained in graduation level and CAT exam.

When it comes to the specializations, it is said that there are many types of specializations that this college offers. They are mentioned below.

  1. Marketing.
  2. Finance.
  3. Health Care.
  4. Human Resources.
  5. Management.
  6. Banking Finance and Insurance Services.
  7. So if you want to go for the MBA in this college, then you can go for any kind of specialization program that this college offers.

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