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Admission Procedure For MD In Karnataka

Admission Procedure For MD In Karnataka

Admission Procedure For MD In Karnataka

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Admission Procedure For MD In Karnataka

A degree in doctor of medicine or MD is defined by different meanings in different places across the world. In India, an MD or a Doctor of Medicine is a degree given upon completion of a higher doctorate, research doctorate, an applied clinical degree or an honorary doctorate. It is restricted to those candidates who have completed their professional degree in medicine, also known as a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS). This meaning also holds true in the countries of the United Kingdom, Ireland and other countries. This degree signifies a specialization degree that is a further increase in knowledge and experience related to a particular field of medicine.

It is a medical specialty related to the diagnosis, prevention, and the treatment of diseases and illnesses. Students enrolled in this course are made to be familiarized with ground of the medical science on an advanced level. This is done through processes such as experimentation, practical exposure, theoretical knowledge, and observation. A degree in MD requires a great deal of experience and capacity on the part of the student and there are several colleges in Karnataka that offer this course.

Admission For MD In Karnataka

A course in the doctor of medicine or MD focuses on studying the diagnostic characteristics with treatment of all types of disorders or health problems such as cold, nausea, and cough, etc. The subjects enclosed in this course curriculum include Social Science, Genetics, Health Education; General Medicine functional to the Public Health, Maternal and Child Health Rehabilitation, Occupational Health, and the Public Health Administration, etc. As mentioned above, there are several colleges in Karnataka which offer this certification course

The sole eligibility criterion for these colleges is graduation with an MBBS degree or an equivalent degree from other countries with at least 50% aggregate marks. Once the eligible candidates apply for the course, an entrance exam is conducted. If the required cut-off is reached, those candidates are called for another interview which may be either a group discussion or a personal interview with experts in the field. Selection of students to be enrolled to the college depends upon the decision of the experts along with results on the entrance test. If both are quite remarkable, and if the students’ MBBS degree shows excellence, then admission is granted to that student.

The Need For Specialization

An MD or Doctor of Medicine course focuses on imparting knowledge that is both theoretical and practical, related to advancement in the technology of diagnosing, treating and preventing diseases. The students are also taught investigative procedures, along with counselling and monitoring patients, and adequate handling of medical equipment. The MD course intends to prepare candidates to:

  1. Effectively diagnose, treat - and prevent ordinary medical illnesses and rare diseases. Teaching advances in technologies in medicine.
  2. To manage various medical emergencies, carry out some research and undergraduate the medical teaching.
  3. To perform early and prompt diagnosis; management of the emergencies, update the knowledge and skills, guide and teach undergraduate students.
  4. To effectively carry out publication and research.

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