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Symbiosis College, Pune

Symbiosis College is situated in Pune, Maharashtra. This college was established in the year 1983 and was then established as an autonomous and private educational University to provide education that enriches the soul of those who is thirsty to know more. This institution provides higher education in a number of streams such as management, law, Humanities, Commerce and liberal arts. This college is affiliated to NAAC. If you want an education that will not only provide you with bookish knowledge but will also broaden your horizon, Symbiosis College is where you should be.

Amenities At Your Service

Symbiosis College has long been known for its world-class campus and an enriching ambience that is excellently adaptable. Comfort and discipline can be found here hand in hand. Some of the facilities provided by Symbiosis College are:

  • A world-class auditorium for you to display your artistic abilities.
  • Widespread computer laboratories with trusted internet connection for all your research work.
  • Well stocked cafeteria.
  • Fully furnished and equipped gym.
  • Hostel facilities are available.
  • Scientific laboratories built to perfection.
  • Medical facilities are available for students.
  • Libraries enriched with the best literature.
  • Sports facilities available.

Courses and Fee Structure

Symbiosis College offers Bachelor's as well master's degree in a variety of subjects for you to choose from. The bachelor degree lasts for three years. The Bachelor's programs along with their fees are given below:

  • B.A Economics (₹17362 per annum)
  • B.A English (₹17362 per annum)
  • B.A Geography (₹17362 per annum)
  • B.A Hindi (₹17362 per annum)
  • B.A Political Science (₹17362 per annum)
  • B.A Psychology (₹22028 per annum)
  • B.A HONS Psychology (₹37362 per annum)
  • B.A HONS Economics (₹37362 per annum)
  • B.A HONS English (₹37362 per annum)
  • B.COM Banking & Finance (₹19028 per annum)
  • B. COM Cost Accountancy (₹17362 per annum)

The course duration for masters in any subject in the Symbiosis College is two years. Masters degree is provided in the following subjects:

  • M.A Economics (₹23325 per annum)
  • M.A English ( ₹23325 per annum)
  • M.COM Commerce (₹23325 per annum)

The college has some of the most popular and successful names in the academic industry. With talented professors and a great teacher-learner interaction model maintained by the college, you are inevitably going to benefit from the college.

Great Hostel Facility Available

Pune is an expensive city, and it is not possible for everybody to live outside or rent a place of their own. Keeping Student welfare in mind, Symbiosis College has furnished excellent hostel facilities for both boys and girls so that they can study without the additional pressure of finance in their head. The cost of boy’s hostel is around ₹65000 to ₹75000 which is quiet and affordable rate according to Pune standards. The value for girl’s hostel is the same adhering to the rules of Pune.

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