Pg Medical Course And Specialisations In Karnataka

Pg Medical Course And Specialisations In Karnataka

Pg Medical Course And Specialisations In Karnataka

Are you an MBBS graduate who is still in a dilemma of whether starting a job or continuing further with your studies? Are you not being able to choose which field of specialization you want to pursue after graduating MBBS? You have come to the right place to search for your answer. Here you will get to know all about the PG medical course, how to get in, how to apply, which specialization to choose, and many more.

Eligibility for PG medical

There is an entrance exam that one needs to sit for before being able to apply to various colleges in Karnataka. The NEET-PG is an eligibility-cum-entrance examination which is conducted for the students for admission to various MD, MS, and PG Diploma courses. NEET PG is the by far the largest and most important exam which offers admissions to various Government and Private medical colleges, as well as the Central and Deemed Universities across all states and union territories of India. Thus, qualifying in it is of utmost importance in order to pursue the desired specialization after MBBS.

Specializations after MBBS

There are various specializations that can be taken up after graduating MBBS and these can be grouped into three categories- Clinical, Non-clinical and ParaClinical. The difference lies in whether you are providing the patient with direct care as in a direct diagnosis or treatment. Clinical specialization thus includes face to face interaction with all the patients whereas in the non-clinical roles some can require interaction with patients but they do not provide direct diagnoses. Paraclinical fields, thirdly, do not include much involvement in patient care when compared to the clinical roles. The different specialization after MBBS offered in Karnataka are listed below

  • 1. Medicine
  • 2. Pathology
  • 3. Pediatrics
  • 4. Physiology
  • 5. Pharmacology
  • 6. Human Anatomy
  • 7. Microbiology
  • 8. Biochemistry
  • 9. Dermatology
  • 10. Community Medicine
  • 11. Anesthesia
  • 12. Forensic Medicine
  • 13. Ayurveda
  • 14. Psychiatry
  • 15. Radiotherapy
  • 16. Cardiology
  • 17. Neurology
  • 18. Respiratory care medicine
  • 19. General
  • 20. Obstetrics
  • 21. Gastroenterology
  • 22. ENT
  • 23. Nephrology
  • 24. Emergency Medicine
  • 25. Hospital Administration
  • 26. Pulmonary Medicine
  • 27. Homeopathy
  • 29. Preventive Medicine
  • 30. Endocrinology
  • 31. Hematology
  • 32. Ophthalmology
  • 33. Unani Medicine
  • 34. Yoga
  • 35. Health Informatics
  • 36. Manual therapy
  • 37. Neonatology
  • 38. Orthopedics
  • 39. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • 40. Clinical Pathology
  • 41. Dermatology
  • 42. Leprosy
  • 43. Venereology
  • 44. Gynecology
  • 45. Radiology
  • 46. Transfusion Medicine
  • 47. Tuberculosis Medicine
  • 48. Traumatology and Surgery
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    A postgraduate degree is always helpful in making your career advance towards greater heights in the future. A degree in post-graduation, no matter, which area of specialization will bring to you a high amount of honour and fame. It is universally known that a doctor who has greater experience and knowledge in a specified field will always be preferred over one who has neither. A PG certificate is a degree of excellence and achievement and an MBBS graduate who has this is nothing short of earning one of the highest names in society!

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