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What is the percentile system in NEET?

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percentile system
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How to calculate your percentile?

The percentile of a candidate is the number of people the candidate is ahead of in the list. Percentile is calculated based on the performance of the candidate in a test as compared with others. For example if your rank is one in a group of 100 students your percentile is 99 because you are ahead of 99 students (or 99% of students) who appeared in the test along with you.

Here is a simple way how you can calculate your percentile:

Percentile = (number of people behind you/total number of people) x 100

In the above example your rank is one among 100 students. The number of people behind you is 99. So the calculation is 99/100 x 100 = 99th percentile

You can never have a 100th percentile or 0 percentile as you cannot exclude yourself from the list for percentile calculation.

Percentile system is most common and prevalent in competitive exams and it is a more relevant admission parameter than the percentage of marks you scored in the exam.

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