MD Radiology Medicine Colleges In Karnataka

MD Radiology Medicine Colleges In Karnataka

Radiology is one of the most prestigious and glorious streams of medicinal education. It is an essential course of education as it is imperative in the most diagnostic procedure. It is the study of medical imaging in order to form a diagnosis of diseases inside the body and subsequently treat them. India is a hub of education, and has brilliant medical colleges all over; however, few of the best medical colleges are found in Karnataka.

1. Kasturba Medical College

This college was established in Mangalore around the year 1955. It was recognized by the Medical Council of India in the year 1958 as one of the premier colleges of medicine in India. It is the first self-financing medical college in India providing undergraduate as well as the postgraduate degree to its students under various departments. Studying M.D in radiology in this college is a 3-year course, the fees per year being. ?1,512,000.

2. Ramaiah Medical College

Ramaiah Medical College is a prestigious medical college that was established in Bangalore in the year 1979. This college has been recognized by the Medical Council of India as one of the most prestigious medical colleges in India as well as throughout the globe. It has been affiliated to the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore. Besides brilliant faculty that invests all the time and energy into propagating medical knowledge to the students the college also has other fantastic facilities like libraries, laboratories, and hostel

3. MVJ Medical College and Research Hospital

This college was established in the year 2001 in Hoskote and since then has made it a top priority to make sure that the students receive a holistic education that will make them caring medical professionals who can keep up with the developments in health and illness and at the same time have the prowess to diagnose illnesses and treat them as fast as possible. The students are trained in three areas that are important as medical professionals: the primary health care department, emergency and trauma services as well as Hospital services. The research hospital under its wing has sufficient research material as well as training types of equipment to make the students proficient. MD in Radiology here is a 3-year course that focuses on training students in examining as well as diagnosing diseases.

4. KLE University

Karnatak Lingayat Education University or KLE University is a glorious institution providing medical knowledge to the students since its inception in the year 2006. This deemed to be university has been recognized all over India and attract students from all parts of the country. The curriculum as well as the facilities provided are of international standards making sure the students achieve great heights. The campus life has been reported being vibrant with an amicable atmosphere between the teachers and students. MD in Radiology is a 3-year course with a fee of ?550,000 per year.Studying at these universities at Karnataka will help to further your career and achieve great heights.

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