MBA Colleges In Kottayam

MBA Colleges In Kottayam

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Kerala is rapidly becoming a prime hub of business affairs, and many national and multinational companies are setting up their corporate offices here to capitalize on the increased opportunities. If you are aiming for a career in the field of management or strategic consulting, Kottayam is indeed a promising city. There are many premier MBA colleges in Kottayam which offer quality education immense exposure.

Some of the top colleges offering MBA courses in Kottayam are:

  • DC School of Management and Technology
  • The 2 year MBA degree at DC School of Management and Technology is a well-designed program that offers in-depth learning and immense exposure. Over the years, the institute has become a popular choice amongst MBA aspirants from all parts of the country and beyond. The college receives thousands of applicants every year, and admission is offered as per performance in entrance examinations. There are seats in management quota and NRI quota as well, available on merit basis.

  • School of Management and Business Studies
  • SMBS is a statutory department at the Mahatma Gandhi University, offering postgraduate courses in management studies. The college has a 2 year MBA program which equips its students with the necessary industry knowledge and grooms them to take on challenging management roles in top companies. MGU also has signed an MOU with Management Development Institute, which provides its students more exposure and learning. The college offers great placement opportunities and many renowned corporations recruit students from SMBS every year to be a part of their workforce.

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