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Karnataka Ayurveda Medical College
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BAMS Colleges In Bangalore

In Karnataka, there are many BAMS colleges. This college is a graduate degree for awarded after some successful completion of five and a half years of the study. In these courses, this also includes one year of internship.

This course curriculum also includes the study of modern anatomy, diagnostic procedures, preventive and social medicine, physiology, pharmacology. This all is corresponding to other Ayurvedic principles of Rachana Sharira, Prasuti Tantra, Kaya Chikitsa and many more.

The state of Karnataka also seen to provide plenty of choices to its students when they come to take admission in Ayurveda colleges in Bangalore.

Some of the names of the top rated BAMS colleges in Bangalore are:

  1. Goutham College.
  2. Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences.
  3. SDM Institute of Ayurveda.
  4. Govt. Ayurveda Medical College.
  5. Sri Sri College of Ayurvedic Science and Research.
Courses offered by them

The different courses that are offered in the colleges are mentioned below.

  • BAMS courses.
  • PG courses in Basic Principles.
  • PG courses in Rasa Shastra and Bhaishajya Kalpana.
  • PG courses in Dravyaguna.
  • PG courses in Shalyatantra.
  • PG courses in Prasuti Tantra and Stree Roga.
The policy of the college

The policy of the college that they follow are mentioned below.

  • They help in promoting and also helps in spreading the knowledge of Ayurveda to every corner of the world.
  • The college provides much value-based quality of education in Ayurveda which is through a blend of ancient wisdom as well as modern sciences.
  • They provide a platform for high learning, and also they help in developing in the field of Ayurveda by reviving the roots of ancient science with the help of scientific research.
  • They too provide some comprehensive Ayurveda health care to all the classes of people.

These are some of the basic objectives that the colleges follow.

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