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Details About BGS Global Nursing College

B.SC Nursing is said to be like a Degree program. In India, this course is controlled by INC or Indian Nursing Council. When it comes to the syllabus of the B.SC Nursing, then it is seen that this follows the syllabus which is said to be prescribed by the INC.

B.SC Nursing is now entirely demanding course. Most of the students now want to get into this stream and to pursue their career in this course. The course is said to having a mixture of the classroom lectures as well as with practical sessions.

The primary objective of the course is to develop good thinking which consists of skills, competence, and standards. All these things are said to be needed in professional training nursing. When you are interested in pursuing B.SC, then you can find some top college in Bangalore. But the best college you can always go for is BGS Global Nursing College.

  • About Infrastructure - This College has got the best infrastructure among the B.SC colleges. They have got well equipped practical rooms as well as classrooms. They provide all the essential amenities to the students without any issue. The functional rooms too have got the basic and advanced equipment so that the students can learn in a better manner.
  • About The Faculty - When it comes to the faculty of the college, then they have got the best faculty. All the teachers that this college has got are said to be hired by management after going through their teaching process thoroughly. You will see that all the teachers have got considerable experience in teaching in this field. They are friendly and ready to help you every time.

B.SC nursing course is a four years course. This means that, if you want to get a degree in this course then you have to complete this course in 4 years only. After the completion, you can go to any hospital and can start working.

When it comes to the course, it is seen that now many students want to go for this course. For this reason, all the B.SC colleges have got the criteria for the admission. So, if you're going to go for the admission, then you need to fulfill the requirements for the same.

Eligibility Criteria For BGS Global Nursing College

The Criteria To Get Admission In This College Are Mentioned Below:

  • You need to have the certificate of 10+2 or HSC examination.
  • You must have given examination for the English, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.
  • You need to secure at least 45 per cent of marks in the examination.
  • At the time of admission, you must have attained the age of 17 years at least.
  • You need to appear for the entrance exam for the B.SC Nursing.

The seats that the BGS Global Nursing College allocate to the students is said to be based on the merit list purely. SO you have to bring good marks in 10+2 exam as well as in the entrance exam to get admission here.

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