Ayurvedic Institute In Bangalore

Ayurvedic Institute In Bangalore
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If you see, there are some good BAMS colleges in Karnataka. This college is a graduate degree awarded with some successful completion of about five and a half years of study. This includes a year of internship.

Some of the BAMS colleges in Bangalore are:

1. Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences.

2. Goutham College.

3. Sri College of Ayurvedic Science and Research.

4. SDM Institute of Ayurveda.

5. Govt. Ayurveda Medical College.

Courses offered in college

The courses that are offered in BAMS colleges in Bangalore are:

  • PG course in Basic Principles.
  • PG course in Dravyaguna.
  • PG Course in RASA SHASTRA and Bhaishajya Kalpana.
  • PG courses in Shalyatantra.
  • PG course in Prasuti Tantra and Stree Roga.
  • PG course in Kayachikitsa.

Additional Courses

The courses that are included in these colleges are said to include, anatomy, pathology and diagnostic procedures, preventive and social medicine, physiology and many more. All these colleges are said to be corresponding with other Ayurvedic principles of RachanaSharira, PrasutiTantraand many more.

The objective of the colleges

All the BAMS College in Bangalore has got some objectives. These objectives are mentioned below.

  • The college who all offers different courses in colleges is said to be comply to provide their students with quality policy and by providing with some opportunities. They too provide training to their students for the overall development along with the spiritual embrace.
  • There is continual updating when it comes to the knowledge via re-orientation training program for all the faculty.
  • The colleges also serve the needy via free medical camps and also they educate with the masses via health awareness programme. They help in improving the status of health and also the quality of life.

If you get to these colleges, then you get a good carrier choice shortly with many options to join any career with high packages.

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